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Bleach RP guysss

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1Bleach RP guysss Empty Bleach RP guysss on Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:36 pm

well i wanna make a Bleach RP with Karasu permission....all we need are people....also the profile pics are kinda big its gay! which is kind of annoying

so sign up

heres an example

Name:Tony 'Blakz' Asakura

Rank:2nd seat of 10th divison(Lt of 10th Division)

age:Looks 18



Description: Tony is black and has a huge afro but wears it in a bunch at the back of his head has brown eyes with a tint of grey.He has a distinctive scar across his left eye, He wears the Regular Shinigami uniform but he removed the sleves. He also wears fingerless gloves. His Zanpakuto is a silver katana with a blue tint with a green hilt and kept in a white hilt.

Zanpakuto:Tengoku no shīru[Heaven's Seal](his own) and Jigoku noshīru [Hell's Seal](Inherited from his brother)

Shikai:Tengoku no shīru[ [Heaven's Seal] release- Anata no hikari ten no shīru o ateru[shine you light heaven's seal] turns into a two Golden tonfas with scarlet encrusted rubys

Shikai 2:Jigoku noshīru [Hell's Seal]Release - Shōmō kurayami no jigoku no shīru[Consume with darkness hells seal] turns into two Silver encrusted tonfas with black encrusted crystals

Bankai:Hikari noyari Tengoku noshīru[light spear Heavens seal]
His sword turns in a huge halbeard and his outfit turns into an angelic white with black trims his eyes turn black

He has found a way to fuse two Bankais into one which he still has no name so its called double bankai...he can only do double bankai after taking a tablet made by his captain which has a 60% chance of certain death so he use's double bankai in a life or death situation also Soul Society dont know he has two Zanpakuto as he keeps his brothers in containment.

so i hope you guys join ^^

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