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Pokiman hack leakages?! Opnions also appriciated!

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- The main legendary (who is a god, hence the overpowerdness) appears at level 100. He is weak to nothing, and has a ½ resistance towards everything. His signature attack (wich only he can learn) is called Judgment, wich does 255 damage. The type of him and his signature attack are both ???, wich is super effective against anything, making the damage taken by everyone for the move 510. Because the pokemon and the move are both ??? type, the move gets STAB, short for Same Type Affective Bonus, increasing the damage made by another 50% - in other words, the move deals 636 damage against everything. It can only be used once, however. Master balls are very much encouraged! pirat He also has a base-stat higher than any other pokémon and he can be taught any HM/TM.

- Well, the female swimmers are pretty (?) hot.

- Fucking diglets. Seriously, fuck diglets.

- The main team of villains is "Team Rocket: Corna Division".

- Alot of the mythological history about the creation of the world, the purpose of the unown (etc) will be explained.

- Fuck Sableyes, too. Sableyes are the new troll-/zubats.

- There will be Pokémon from all 5 generations, and some brand new (unoficial) ones

- Ninjas

- There will be a trainer named "Jonny" in the rocker trainer class. I plan to give him two Furrets, propably of the same level. Possibly a double fight.

- Smoking hot graphics!

- A prehistorical island filled with prehistorical pokemon?!

- Pretty gals and bewbs

- It now also actually makes sense how the fock you can breathe underwater

- The Elite4 is hard. Lyk srsly, hard. It gets harder and harder stgae by stage.

Well, guys, you've got alot to be waiting for. pirat
Feel free to ask guestions.

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dude add like shit tons of pokemon and upgrade the graphics for everythang
and after this make a twewy hack
>Very Happy

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I'm double posting because this idea is so hacking epic
naked chicks

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Only 25 (or so) completely new pokemon can be added, and even that can cause some trouble. It's alot easier to just overwrite old ones pirat The style of the graphics continue to be the same but are mostly new. A TWEWY hack would be nice, but it's already hard enough with NDS games overall, and TWEWY seems to have a very unigue system Very Happy

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fine then we make a twewy comic :3 I've always wanted a sequel and square enix decided to trash a great product and not milk the cash cow

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Actually the creator has said he is very eager to make a sequel once he is done with rest of his shit

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You should put in Sableye, that one is one of the two best possible pokemanz ever.

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Sableyes'll be freaking everywhere Shocked They are like the zubat of the region, because the region is filled with different sorts of gemstones and overall cristallized materials, and, well, Sableye's eat dat shit.

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Awesome, Sableye is second only to Spiritomb in potential epic.

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