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Is this win?

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1 Is this win? on Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:22 pm

So like theres this guy at this school who hates me because I have a girl who he likes but who dislikes him as a good friend of mine (I honestly don't care all that much. Disregard females, acquire currency) and overall hates me for being alot smarter than him, and I just love fucking with him. Not only am I more liked by the girl mentioned, I am overall more popular with girls in our school.

>For no apparent reason, the guy who hates me is battling to death with time to get to this seat I have for the past few days taken in our schools dining area or whatever it is
>"Yessss! I am far ahead of him in the line!"
>He gets to the seat
>I'm already there, eating and chatting with everyone
>He goes all "WTF?!"
>I slowly turn to him and pull the coolface
>"Problem, officer?"

>Chatting around with the said girl during recess, with her best female friend sitting by her. (The two were sitting around as I was standing)
>This one fag of a kid walks by and if I am not all too incorrect kicks the best friend of the girl A, the one sitting beside the one the dude who hates me likes
>She goes around cursing around at the guy who just kept walking
>"Yeah well you just go fuck that (my name) of yours!"
>"Why, I'd love to!"
>I smile like a winner while raising my other eyebrow in what I suppose could be said a little suggestive sense, the two of us end up LOL'ing.
>I see the face of the dude who hates me, and pull the coolface

And today, as both of those were a few days ago

>I have long hair, and alot of dudes bitch about this (honestly, not one girl has)
>The dude who hates me from the back of the class says something as classy as "You should just cut your hair, seriously, NO-ONE likes it" when I tell him to shut the fuck up so I can pay attention on the maths class because I plan to take the long maths once I get to upper secondary school (this is basically highschool, but hay, different school system)
>The moment he says nobody likes my hair, the girl he likes goes all enthuasiastic and what shit not, "I DO!!"
>I slowly turn to him and pull the coolface

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2 Re: Is this win? on Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:08 pm


Awesome dude xD Razz

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