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The "When hell freezes over" RP.

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1The "When hell freezes over" RP. Empty The "When hell freezes over" RP. on Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:01 pm

The world is now nothing but a devastated land of ice.
No matter where you look, you see no-one living.
All are either frozen to death or skeletons.
You remember nothing about your past life except for sudden, fast glimpses of what life used to be whenever you see something related to those hidden, locked away memories.
All you know is your name...

...and that you now have superpowers, and you would really like to survive.


Let the registrations beginnnnnn!

To participate, please fill out the form below:

Weapon(s) of choice:

*There can only be a few, all of wich you have picked up from the ground/nearby buildings, etc.

The game will start when at least 3 players have registered. The game will work with me as the game master, meaning you do something and I guide your story forwards, also giving you options (please note though, there will always be the option "Something else"). I will also participate with my own character. The game itself takes place in what seems to be a city in America, but because this takes place in the future and everything is devastated and covered in ice/snow, there can be no certainty where exactly you are.

Basically any superpowers are allowed, but please keep from using the same superpowers as others. Also note you are supposed to be either slowly discovering them or simply not taking them for granted, because you have no idea how you have come to have them.

Anyways, here's mine (and basically an example):

Name: Benjamin Sebastian Beat Jonathan Pepperbeckham, "Beat Yoz" (WHFO variation)
Age: 20-29
Sex: Male
Superpower: Pyrokinesis
Personality: Waking up in a land of ice and death, Beat is a very confused person. He wishes to know what happaned, and would really like to survive it all.
Appreance: With a beautiful, sexy ginger hair, Beat is a cutie. His beard doesn't grow quite fast, leaving him with a cute and a little messy goatee. He wears two pairs of ripped jeans and two pairs of socks (note, it is very cold), alongside a very warm undershirt and a hoody over that. He also has fingerless, worn out gloves, with that flippy floppy thing attached to them that can turn them into mittens to keep your fingers from getting so cold. He has very high quality running shows, both of wich althought very worn out and untied. On his waist he has tied a scarf like peace of cloth, on top of wich he wears two belts. On his belt is hanging his sword (he doesn't remember it, but he woke up with it and it had the name "Rhyme" engraved on the blade - and hence, he made the assumption it is his, and he used to call it Rhyme) and a chain wich leads to the back pocket of his jeans, attached to his wallet, in wich there is nothing but some money and his ID, wich could be useful to reveal his past, but not without a computer. He has a green-ish blue very comfy and warm scarf around his neck, and a black, long and hooded jacket of wich the inner side is filled with very, very comfy wool. When he woke up, he also found a loaded revolver in his other back pocket. It seems to be jammed, however.
Weapon(s) of choice: His sword, Rhyme, and a jammed pistol
Items: A fully frozen orange

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2The "When hell freezes over" RP. Empty Re: The "When hell freezes over" RP. on Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:54 pm

>.> is this the bastard child of the "Activate Lady Frostbite's doomsday ice machine" choice in IRPA? In any case...

Name: Mr. Thade (Just Thade will suffice)

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Superpower: Right arm is embued with supernatural powers, able to stand cold temperatures, keen intellect.

Personality: Thade is polite and willing to make friends with other survivors (if any exist) in the frozen wastelands. Although generally calm and peaceful, he isn't hesitant to enter a fight or become aggressive if angered. He dislikes when people misjudge him due to his face. He suffers a few "mental instabilities" and may seem completely different in some occasions.

Appreance: A black hat, black trench coat, long flowing black hair, snake necklace, black shirt, faded black pants covered with guitar straps, pocket chain on right side, belt has pistol holders, water bottle, and two pouches to hold things in, worn black snow boots. The left side of his face has a white substance sewn to it and his left eye is large and blood red (see my avatar, its kinda like that)

Weapon(s) of choice: anything (also an avid fist fithters)

Items: Aged MP40 (salvaged from a gun collector's house when scavenging. Came with 2 clips of 10 rounds), butterfly knife.

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3The "When hell freezes over" RP. Empty Re: The "When hell freezes over" RP. on Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:00 pm

Oh lawdy, no, didn't even think of that.

Also, nice. I must note though, like I think I mentioned, the idea is that nobody really remembers anything except when they see something that reminds them of their life before the memory loss, so what does Thade know of his past and how?

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4The "When hell freezes over" RP. Empty Re: The "When hell freezes over" RP. on Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:45 pm

Oh, uh...wait, I didn't say anything about him remembering his past, did I? I'll just try to edit it since I forgot a few things.

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5The "When hell freezes over" RP. Empty Re: The "When hell freezes over" RP. on Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:43 am

Oh, no. It's just that he had nicknames, and it wasn't stated how he remembered them. Wink Beat had a wallet with an ID, so yeah (he had signed it with Beat Yoz).

Also for extra depth wich I forgot to put in my original post, there is also a worn out, folded photo of a pretty woman in his wallet. It says "With love, Caroline ♥️" on the other side, and beat obviously has no idea what it all means.

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