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Gothic Fantasy RP Discussion

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26 Re: Gothic Fantasy RP Discussion on Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:01 am

R&R wrote:
Blakz wrote:
Fighting Style:He use's a two Steel swords which he had custom crafted. They are both made from a rare black metal Which is why both his swords are black hence his name Blakz

Sorry that threw me off.

Huh?How so ?

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27 Re: Gothic Fantasy RP Discussion on Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:41 pm

Just for the heck of it, I am introducing a new character from Lucas's past:

Buck "Duckfuck" Longcape.

Overall, Buck was a very important person in Lucas's life. When Lucas first came to the Hunters HQ, it was already dark outside. Inside the building, a few candles were light, and there he was, Buck telling the most awesome of stories next to a table around wich everyone was gathered. Overall, Buck was always a little different to all the other hunters. Buck was always smiling, and instead of frowning upon his scarred face, he wore it with pride. He was a master at several things; Chemistry, weaponry, close-range combat, guns and knives - things of wich most he thought to his soon-to-be apprentice, Lucas. Ever since he can remember, he has been an orphan: His mother died when giving birth, and his father died a "honorable death" as a hunter. He joined the hunters quild at a very early age, infact. When he was six, he and his childhood friend Belle were exploring a cave - or more of, he was being heroic with Belle clinging to his arm, as he was looking for Belle's teddybear wich she had lost in the cave as she had found it, as she ran away from there, screaming, when suddenly a huge wave of bats flew at her. Going deeper and deeper into the grave, another wave of bats suddenly came - no biggie: Buck was afraid, but he was a gutty kid... but that's when the things took a turn to the worse, as a vampire sneaked behing them and took Belle. Hearing Belle scream, a lone hunter guickly ran into the cave, and luckily enough, saved Bucks life from a bloodthisty, purple haired female vampire - sadly too late for Belle. He then joined the hunters, and very soon became an incredibly succesful weaponsmaker, fighter, hunter, and a chemist. He always had a warm heart, and infact knew and was best friends with Lucas's father and mother, that being one of the main reasons he decided to adopt Lucas as his apprentice. The death of Lucas's parents also showed a side of Buck wich caused Lucas to admire him even more: He never showed any grief, simply telling Lucas that "Death is a natural part of life. There is nothing to be afraid of about it, nor is there anything to be sad about it either". The two soon bonded like a father and a son, a bond wich then, when Lucas was only 22, ended, with the death of Buck on a hunt. It was raining, and Lucas was holding Buck, who was coughing up blood, in the middle of the dead bodies of beasts. He then quickly passed away with his last words being "Lucas... Your father, I bet he would've been proud of you".

He wore a protective jacket (sleeveless) with pockets in wich he holded 4 additional rounds of silver lined bullets, and under that a skin close, white, sleeveless upper torso shirt. He had black gloves with metal platings long enough to reach his elbows, and matching steel padded boots. He had black pants and a black, very wide obi, and a belt with guns on both of the sides, and on his back, attached to his belt, he had two pockets wich both contained 2 small, black balls - filled with Greek Fire, a liquid, highly flammable sunstance wich can burn on water and is infact empowered by it. On his upper legs he had a belts, both of wich holding 2 silver knifes each, and around his belt attached to the gun pockets he also had 2 short bladed Katana like swords - made of silver, of course.

- The huge burn on his neck was caused by Greek Fire, a weapon he himself uses.
- The left side of his tongue was numb and couldn't taste.

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28 Re: Gothic Fantasy RP Discussion on Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:40 am

kinda iffy on the duckfuck part...

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29 Re: Gothic Fantasy RP Discussion on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:46 am

I was... very out of ideas when it came to nicknames Neutral

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