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ever browse the web and think "I wish this was pokemon"?

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well wait no longer! your strange wish has been fulfilled!
just search for a website and use the starter site to fight it, defeat it and you can catch it for yourself! Vs Veoh Vs Megavidio? Facebook Vs Myspace? (facebook won)

try these sites now! you may even kill an hour.

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...Yeah. I totally caught the forum .__.'

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same, kinda weak. on the up side, I caught a shiny

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My line-up so far .__.'

ever browse the web and think "I wish this was pokemon"? Favimo10

I'm disappointed with this forum's skill set - and the lack of our favicon. I worked so hard to make our sammich = \

And I didn't know there were shiny favimon? lol

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they are rare. and have better move sets.

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I got a Shiny as a starter.
I iz be pro?

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I tried this once. Neopets was a starter, but it was pretty damn tough

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