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A Poem I Wrote

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1A Poem I Wrote Empty A Poem I Wrote on Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:05 am

Yeah, this is from the last forum. Enjoy, I guess.

A riddle unsolved clutched in my hand
As I walk across the cursed land
Of which Neopians have named the Haunted Woods.

My reason of coming was so I could
Tell a Kacheek this riddle and hope he would
Give me the answer so that I may obtain goods.

But all was not well in this treacherous quest
As I work my way back to my home needing rest
To the place where my faithful Lupe solemnly slumbered

The moans of creatures surrounded me
My cautious self eyeing each passing tree
In hopes that a beast would not make my days numbered

How did I get here? A question indeed
For through the woods my light did lead
Me with a trail that gave me little sight.

Going down roads that twist and wind
Soon my conscious did remind
Me of how this situation came to light.

A riddle for Neopoints I thought I’d solve easily
A solution I thought I could get effortlessly
But soon my frustration grew and my hopes went

While I sat beneath a large tree
An Ixi in a hood had approached me
And told me of one who could help my predicament

“A riddle most difficult, you mourn in the shade
A Kacheek you can see named Eliv Thade
Shall give you your answer if you go to his domain!”

The name he stated I had never heard
But the stranger said I had his word
And that I had nothing to lose and all to gain

Agreeing to see this keen Kacheek
Soon a conversation we began to speak
And I asked for the location of his abode

The stranger handed me a map
Before walking under the tree to nap
Telling me “Never stray off the given road”

Onward on my quest I went
Soon entering dark woods with bent
Trees that gave an ominous gloomy aura

I felt a great chill in the air
With the feeling of troubled souls in despair
Floating around me in an unseen plethora

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter”
I said half jokingly to regain my center
Of thought to keep myself calm and steady

Through the darkened woods I trekked
Soon coming upon a mansion wrecked
And falling apart it seemed it was ready

I knocked on the door, two taps of my fist
“Something here seems gravely amidst”
I commented as the door opened slowly

Slowly I stepped into the room
An eerie sense of certain doom
Overcame me as a voice bellowed in a tone quite lowly

“Who dares enter my domain?
A foolish mortal, nonetheless humane
Who wishes to disturb my restless spectre!”

“I had come here to you with a request
But I do not wish to ruin your rest
So I will leave you and not play inspector…”

Soon lightning struck from behind
A figure which made me hope I was blind
And only imagining seeing his monstrous face

“You shall not leave my house. Instead
You will play my game and soon be dead
Before you put the items in their place!”

With his words he had vanished away
Preventing me from getting my say
But the door from behind shut before I could leave

“I have no choice, I must play.
Alright, I think I shall go this way.”
I said as I began to roll up my sleeve

A door to my left I soon did see
With letters inked in blood before me
Which were in no order and strangely blocked the path

“Solve my anagram to move on
But if you fail and spell it wrong
Then you shall face my fearsome undying wrath!”

Looking at the letters confusingly scrambled
I thought to myself and foolishly rambled
Unable to solve the strange word they hid.

“Not quite sharp, that’s quite a shame.
You won’t last long in this harsh game!”
He said as sharp spikes rose to show he did not kid.

Slightly scared but still unharmed
The letters changed and I looked alarmed
Until I saw the word I believed was right

“Is the word you want me to say ‘Eyrie’?”
As I said this, the door most dreary
Opened up and now I could see with my light.

My soul growing stronger as I went through trials
Answering anagrams and moving along tiles
When suddenly the floor beneath me gave way.

I held the only grip there was
A plumbing pipe sticking out because
The old house had begun to rot and decay.

Quickly I scrambled to my feet
Feeling the speed my heart did beat
Serving me a warning to not stand on cracked ground

Soon I had worked my way
Most likely to the Kacheek’s dismay
To all the items I needed and turned around

At the door to his ghostly crypt
He had for me the hardest to decrypt
Of anagrams which spanned a horrible nine letters long

“Oh I don’t think you’ll solve this one.
For the hardest I’ve saved for those who’ve run
All throughout my home just to die wrong!”

My heart had stopped; he had me now
My body ached and my stomach did growl
In hunger pains I could take no more

That’s when it struck! The answer did come
“A literature reference, quite classic, good chum.
For now I shall quote the raven: Nevermore.”

A frustrated yell filled the air
As his face now bared an evil glare
Which pierced through my very soul with hate

“How can this be?! You can’t be right!
No one will be escaping tonight
For now I will achieve my checkmate!”

Quickly the Kacheek had ran and charged
Rushing through the door he barged
In his hand an inkless fountain pen

“Sorry good sir, but I’ve had enough
You’re anagrams and puzzles were all tough.
And now I will make you rest again!”

The artifacts I held shot a powerful blast
Which sent him flying back quite fast
And back into his crypt I quickly locked him in

I quickly ran to the open front door
To the outside world I was once more
Back to the woods where I escaped the castle most grim

Through the woods I dashed, the castle now distant
The pains I suffered I grew resistant
In hopes I would safely return to my place

Back at my home, I saw the Ixi
Hooded and smiling, I got to him quickly
Demanding an explanation now and post haste

“Found Eliv Thade and didn’t die.
I honestly admit I won’t ask why
But rather I’ll tell you the truth that I had not told you.”

With that he said he told me of the Kacheek’s bane
A riddle that had driven Thade insane
Explaining the story definitively and through

Now I sit down at my home place
Gazing upon the stars in space
Looking back at how I got involved

“Mr. Thade had tried to kill me
But I do give him my deep sympathy
For I hope one day the riddle will be solved.”


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2A Poem I Wrote Empty Re: A Poem I Wrote on Wed May 18, 2011 4:47 am

>.> was curious: what do people think of this?

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3A Poem I Wrote Empty Re: A Poem I Wrote on Wed May 25, 2011 4:12 pm

I give you your due concerning both the length and subject material.
Though Thade maybe an interesting neopet it would be difficult
to compose a poem about him and others. nicely done

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