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Survival Horror RP

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1 Survival Horror RP on Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:21 am

Back from the last forum it was on!


The thick fog that has overwhelmed the region recently have been a huge hinderance to many. For some it is simply a small problem, to has lead them to a cruel fate.

A traveler in modern times, it seems that your travels have taken you to the abandoned woods. A wrecked car? A hike gone far off track? Perhaps you don't have a home and your weary travels lead here? Whatever has brought you to where you are, it does not truly matter...what awaits you does.

As a raging storm begins to set in on your poor soul, a lone mansion that appears to be of Victorian London style has mercifully appeared in the distance. Lights are on in some of the rooms, and it seems like the doors are unlocked. It is the only shelter you've seen in a long time, and the storm only seems to be getting worse...shall ye enter?


In order to survive, one must think of how they will escape this ordeal. The doors slammed shut behind you, and thick, sharp thorns have grown over the door within seconds with the windows refusing to break no matter the force you put on them. Go from room to room carefully, take items you think may help along, and try to find a way to escape or call for help. Supplies are limited, and you may be alone...or are there other souls who were unfortunate to be in your same predicament?


You can hold any number of items in your inventory you may think help. Do keep in mind, though, that larger items that won't fit in your pockets or are too heavy will not stay, and you must set them down if you need to. Parting with weapons is a bad idea, but sometimes you may need something other than brawn to survive.

{Health and dying}

Why would this be of concern? The house surely does not seem to contain any threats...but should you run across one, this is something to keep in mind. Fighting foes can cause you injuries if you sustain hits, and taking too many blows may result in your demise. Not everything needs to be, though, for sometimes you may make a fatal mistake that ends your life just as well like falling or doing something wrong. Whatever the case, be prepared and think your actions through.

{Make your characters}

Everyone starts with...

-One light source
-One small weapon (Pen knife)
-A journal

You have a small pocket light and a pen knife. Not exactly the weapons of heroes, but they're life savers at a time like this. However, it would be best to upgrade as soon as possible.
-Your Journal will keep important events and objects listed down, as well as a primitive map of the area. If you find documents or interesting notes, they will be stored in your journal.

{Character Creation}
-Brief background/how they got there

{Character Sample}

Name: Steve Tensfield
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Occupation: Plumber
Bio: A single man talented in plumbing and pipe works, Steve lives with little expectations and simply goes on through his life, patiently going through hardships and rough times. During a drive to a nearby town in need of pipe repairs, Steve's van came to a crash when he saw a horrific apparition in the middle of the road. Paralyzed with fear, his hands slipped and his van was wrecked after driving deep off road into the woods. With his van in flames, he quickly ran out and watched it become engulfed in a ball of fire, looking for shelter to sit out the storm in.

The Roleplay will start when 2 people make characters

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2 Re: Survival Horror RP on Wed May 18, 2011 4:44 am

Enter the Hell House. Who's up for this? Been a long time since we've done any

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3 Re: Survival Horror RP on Wed May 18, 2011 4:45 pm

-Name: Atriarch Arthiem (...or so he gos by.)

-Age: 18

-Gender: Male

-Occupation: Vidyagame nerd

-Bio: lacking Stamina he makes up for in "common sense" and smarts. playing many, many games has learned moves (some may not be humanly possible...) that give a tactical advantage.

-Arrival: after driving on a road trip for 6 days to get to a convention to meet up with some friends, his car breaks down... to make things worse his phone has died from constant GPS use... only choice is to hide it behind some nearby bushes and find a phone. when he comes across a Victorian type mansion, he walks up and knocks on the door, it creeks open, doesn't sound like the hinges have been oiled in quite some time. Cautiously he enters out of curiosity.

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