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Appreciation thread for equestrian creatures of miniature size.

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A few friends of mine in real life took it as their responsibility to try to get me interested in the newest big craze lately, a show titled "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." What started as pure curiosity--we had seen the pony threads on /b/ and had saved a few pictures--but we eventually started watching when I had a few friends over. I've been sucked in now, with a pony folder easily as extensive as my reaction folder. It really is a great show, awesome facial expressions, well-defined characters with real development, and even well thought out songs. It's the one thing I've been watching lately that really does make me feel happy.

Here's the real question though, guys: am I the only brony here? Am I too absorbed in the show?

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I guess I'll take that as a no.

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...wait what?

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I really can't tell if you're serious are not - of it isn't some huge: "Let's all say it's fabulous when it really isn't" meme Laughing

Everywhere I look, someone is praising the show. A show about ponies. Is it really that good? Neutral

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you sure it isn't about Pwnies? Pwnies are alright, they are good for infantry.

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I'm not planning on watching myself, but if you're a fan, I approve! Too many internet-tough-guys all up in this internet if you ask me :/

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Well, no I'm not joking, and most of the other guys you see aren't either. I really do enjoy it. For me it was really just a thing about being open-minded, I couldn't knock it until I tried it.

...and now I want to know what a pwnies are...

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