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Corporation Op 1

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1Corporation Op 1 Empty Corporation Op 1 on Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:08 pm

Hey, folks are still alive? If that's the case, we'd like to start an RP to get things going. Something to do and a roleplay to get our creative flow going again, ja?


A Corporation that, behind the scenes, keeps the balance in the universe, has discovered your natural talents and have recruited you for a special program to gain Operatives for quick deployment without the need for training, boosting you with a special power and equipment to give you the upper hand in hostile situations. The main thing that matters is completing the you do it is your choice.


Your Operations Superior "Bishop" will give you a power and airdrop you into the new world that the operation is to take place. Your objective will vary depending on the mission, and completing the main mission objective can be achieved in many ways; through negotiation, through violence, or behind the scenes leading people to do the job for you. You must adapt to the new world and solve the problem how you see fit. There's many people to talk to, some of which may share a similar goal as you, and you COULD gain their aid through negotiation, barter, or coercion, or you could try to do it yourself...or maybe even try to gain the enemy's trust and use it to get closer to them.

[Powers and equipment]

Corporation Operatives are given one base power that can be expanded upon and equipment boosted with supernatural powers and technology unlike that on earth. Powers that can be granted include...

-The ability to harness elements or a world's "soul" to be manipulated for a variety of uses.

-Enhanced physique to grant them superhuman acrobatics or strength

-Genetic mutations to allow things such as natural camouflage, night vision, or enhanced senses.

Equipment supplied via the Corporation is infused with special technology or magical enhancements to give them traits more powerful than traditionally made counterparts. Every Operative is issued a special article of clothing or bag with Hammerspace portals built in to hold items much larger than them without encumbering the Operative. Such weaponry issued to new recruits include...

-Guns or projectile weaponry embedded with Corporation Ammunition Transportation Technology (C.A.T.T.) allowing them to have infinite ammunition and body builds to prevent overheating, malfunction, or breaking.

-Supernatural equipment like magically extending chains or ropes to aid in climbing or for other uses

[Mission structure]

>Mission begins; air dropped to the closest non-hostile civilization either alone or with partner(s). You are allowed to either take residence in this town as you will be supplied with sufficient funds to make a living, or camp outside of the town (although the legality of this to the people and the possible threats outside of town must be taken into consideration).

>Begin doing research on mission or go straight to an assault/head on approach to the situation.
->Should you do research, you can learn more about the enemy and maybe even find help either directly or indirectly that can make the mission easier.

>The main assault or attack begins; you are authorized to use lethal force and use whatever means necessary to eliminate the target or avert a crisis.

>Teleportation back to Headquarters and briefing for next mission.

Good luck, Operatives. For those who wish to participate in the recruit program, sign here.

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2Corporation Op 1 Empty Re: Corporation Op 1 on Wed Aug 31, 2011 2:10 am

Signed. Relationship troubles at a low; must jumpstart writing reflex.

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3Corporation Op 1 Empty Re: Corporation Op 1 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:15 am

Alright, go ahead and make a character, Herr Diabolical.


You sit in a rather plain room, one with a long table in the middle with seats around it and a large monitor screen that nearly covers the entire wall it rests on. A figure wearing a brown cloak with a hood on that shadows his face walks in.

Bishop "Ah, you're here. Now then, I will be your superior for your upcoming missions. My name is Bishop."

He extends his hand, which is covered with yellow fur with short claws, but then brings it back after you simply look at him.

Bishop "Well then, onto business."

The monitor starts up and a large map of a solar system unlike that of Earth's appears.

Bishop "Your first mission will be to eliminate a target who has been dealing with the dark arts, his experiments and magic affecting neighboring towns and locals. Should he continue to learn these black magics, soon he will have enough strength to bring about the end of the world, causing his home world to become destroyed and committing entire mass genocide."

[Mission Objectives]
-Eliminate key target

"You are authorized to use whatever means necessary to eliminate the target. However, you must use conventional methods to defeat him. It would work if you killed him yourself, but there's plenty of people out for his head already, so maybe you can find help with the matter. How you reach him and your method of approach on the situation is up to your imagination, so I trust you will make good decisions."

The monitor turns off and he pulls out a piece of parchment paper.

"Oh yes...I will need your information. This is strictly classified, and no one but the highest ranking officers of the Corporation shall know."

He hands you the parchment and a pen to write with.

[Details; height, skin color, hair, weight, etc.]
[Original clothing; what you were wearing upon recruitment]
[Power buff; choose from...

-Mutation surgery
-Enhanced physique
-Elemental manipulation]

[Equipment; take one of each...

-Projectile weapon
-Melee weapon
-Piece of miscellaneous equipment (magic extending chain, artificial light source, etc)]

"You may be wondering why we don't request your background information nor origins. It won't matter since you're here for operations, but should you wish to put it down, you are allowed to do so...though personally I would recommend you don't since having less information about yourself tends to be better for recruits in the long run when their names start to become well known, if you know what I mean."

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