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Victorian Gothic RP

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26 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:26 am

Graham looked at the mother of the beasts and recocked his gauntlet.

"That's a big one! I didn't bring enough bullets!"

Pulling out his silver short sword, Graham quickly stabbed the wounded monster dead and focused on the much larger one. It raised it's right claw to strike down at the group, and Graham met the flat part of it's claw with his gauntlet. The beast was stunned as Graham retracted backwards in pain.

"Damn! It broke my gauntlet!"

Quickly looking at the small missing parts of the gauntlet, Graham backed away as he pulled out a screwdriver and pliers while taking gears off of his coat. He quickly begins working on the gauntlet to fix it.

"You gentlemen cover me for a moment!"

Unsure what to do in the situation, he saw Raphael with his crossbow.

"Boy! Do you know how to shoot a rifle?"

Graham pulled out his triple barrel rifle, which had 2 boxes of bullets inserted in it. He handed it to Raphael and gave him directions as he worked on repairing his gauntlet.

"You have 5 shots before the barrel changes, so that's 10 shots! Put the part you want to shoot in the middle of the black X and fire by pulling the trigger! First two bullets are metal, last three are silver, so use the first ones to get used to aiming!"

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27 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:46 pm

Raphael: Yes'm. Shoot, what am I thinking?! This is heavy!

The Den Mother lunged at the group and with one sweep, sending Armand and Lucas flying as well as disarming them. It then turns to Graham and runs right at him.

Raphael: It's now or nothing!

Raphael struggles to aim the gun at the Barghest Den Mother and fires one metal bullet but just misses the behemoth's ear.

Raphael: Crap!

Graham hastily tries to fix his gauntlet and signals Raphael to hurry up. Raphael quickly readies the rifle once again and fires the second metal bullet. It went straight into the beast's rib but not far in against the thick pelt of the den mother. It did however aggravate the behemoth enough to turn towards Raphael's direction and lunges at the boy.

Raphael: !

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28 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:46 pm

Lily: Lucas!

Lucas flew backwards in a very akward looking manner, for he was not able to push his springblades into the ground, and while flying around, they made grabbing anything extremely hard, being in the way. After a while of rolling, he finally got up, with 3 of his silver blades having dropped on the way.

Lucas: 'Am allright, 'am allright! I think... Just bruises and pulled muscles, I think. Jesus Christ. This thing's almost even bitchier than a gang of werewolves.

Lucas then proceeded to take his springblades off, for they were in the way. He then simply dropped them on the ground, and then proceeded to throw all of his remaining 11 silver blades at the beast, for it was all that he could do.

Lucas: Well that takes care of all my long range weapons. Doesn't anyone around here have revolvers with them?!

Meanwhile, Lily was using her incredibly good crossbow skills to also do long range damage by shooting the beast with total 3 arrows, until she ran out of them.

Lily: All out!

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29 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:10 pm

Graham sees the beast charge at Raphael.

"What the Hell are you doing?! Keep firing, the next three bullets are the real deal! Nevermind!"

Putting the final gear into his gauntlet, he put it back onto his right hand and charged to Raphael, hastily taking the gun and looking at Lucas and Lily.


Graham threw the rifle to the two and gave Raphael his crossbow back as he lunged to keep them from getting slashed.

"Heading right, give me cover fire!"

Graham readied his gauntlet and punched the den mother, causing it to startle back just a little bit from the force. Graham pulled out his silver short sword and reloaded his gauntlet.

"Shall we dance, frau volf?"

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30 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:17 pm

Lucas: No cover fire, but I sure will make your job a little easier!

Lucas grabbed the rifle from air, taking an instant shooting position afterwards, and with no hesitation, aimed to shoot the den mothers head from the left, and fired all three rounds in a row.

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31 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:51 pm

Raphael: Argh, I know I can do better! Raphael fires his crossbow at the beast the silver arrowhead ripped into the Barghest Den Mother's right thigh. The silver amplified the wound. Then Armand fired his silver slug shotgun at the hellhound and blew a chunk out of the beast's back.


The beast went berserk and in immense speed it sweeped its front claw at Graham and ripped into his flesh. It then turned at Lucas and Lily and tackled the two, pinning them to the ground. The beast eyed Lily angrily and bites down on her, forcing her entire body into the beast's mouth in an attempt to swallow her whole.

Raphael: I gotta do something, quick!

Armand: I'll cover you!

Raphael takes his quick speed into account as he hastily runs at the beast. The child hunter grabs onto the beast's tail and swings up on the beast's back. He then proceeds to run up the giant dog's torso and up to it's neck. The Barghest Den Mother notices his presence and tries to shake him off it.

Raphael: DROP HER!

Raphael pulls out his silver dagger and starts slashing the back of the Den Mother's without hesitation. The hellhound yelped in pain and Lily is thrown out of the Den Mother's mouth.

Armand: In between the eyes should do it, Raph! Finish her!!

Raphael readies his crossbow and takes aim. Then suddenly a thought hit his mind.

Raphael: Can I really kill her? I just... I just can't cross that line as a killer yet!

His hesitation became his undoing as the beast knocks him off her head and she then tries to bite him in half as Raphael then tries to keep her mouth pried open with his legs. Realizing his predicament, the boy has no choice but to aim his crossbow at the Den Mother's throat.

Raphael: I... I hope this is nonlethal...

Raphael fires the silver arrowhead right into the beast's uvula, forcing him out and the beast screaming in pain.

Armand: Way to go kid!!

Raphael gives a sigh of relief as the beast matriarch falls to the ground in pain.

The group walks up to the wounded beast and Raph.

Armand: You gonna finish her?

Raphael: I... can't... I am to afraid to cross that line... if I take a life, I fear I won't be the same person I was...

Armand: Very well.

Armand aims his shotgun at the Barghest Den Mother as Raphael walks away, with him only hearing the gun fire.

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32 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:48 pm

Lucas gets up, and then instantly starts grabbing his things from the ground, the first thing being his eyepatch, wich had come off as the beast tackled him, for he wasn't exactly the biggest fan of how his damaged, unuseable eye looked like. He then got his springbladed gauntlets and silver knives, also pulling the two knives out of the barghest that charged off at Lily at one part of the fight, wich still had the blades on its back. He then goes to Lily to present her with a hand for help getting up.

Lucas: Fucking bastards of dogs, seriously. I could not be not one bit more pissed off: I really need beer. You okay?
Lily: Yeaaaaah I'm fine... A little shaken I suppose, haha.
Lucas: No wonder really... we should get in. I wonder if they still have the main course wich I ordered up for grabs... Is everyone alright? No big injuries nor leathalities?

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33 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:12 pm

Seeing the beast down, Graham goes to the beast's lowered head and stabs his silver short sword into the top of it's head. He then punched the blade deep into the beast with his gauntlet and pulled it back out.

"Let's make sure the fiend is dead."

Graham swung his blade and the blood slid right off of the fine blade. Feeling a pain in his back, he noticed there was a slash on his back.

"Oops. Must have hit me when I got up close."

Sitting down, Graham pulled out a pipe and began smoking it as he got his rifle back from Lucas. He then looked over at Armand and put more boxes into his gun.

"You've got a nice scatter gun there. Should you want some modification, ask me. I'm a steam engineer."

Graham removed his hat for a bit and put it back on, walking towards the town once more. Back in the Town Square, people looked at him.

"Did you slay the monsters?"
"I wasn't the only one since there were others, but I did my share. Credit that Armand fell'er more than me."

Graham walked into his house and immediately began working on a new schematic that was written in ink and heavily detailed.

"Guns n' arrows, huh? I think I can make some special stuff for those..."

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34 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:29 am

Lucas and Lily both walked back into the main building, because, well, "mehh just killin sum beasts, nothing special". With Lucas again bashing his way through the door, the asked

Lucas: OI! Is my main dish still up for grabs? pirat

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35 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:48 pm

Raphael rented a room in HQ similar to his one in Venice. He relaxes on his bed and drifts to sleep, hoping the night would pass quickly.


Empussa wanders the nightly streets of London, looking for something to do, or perhaps feed on.

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36 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:13 am

Graham left his house with a case of arrows and a box of bullets. As he walks around the Town Square, he looks at a board of wanted posters.

"Wanted: Terumi Crowley. Wanted For: Protecting monsters. Reward: 3000 Dead or Alive"

The man in the poster bore a somewhat striking resemblence to Graham, and he looked around him before tearing the poster down and crumpling it into his pocket. As he crumples the poster, he sees Empussa wandering around.

"I've got a strange feeling about her, but hm..."

Graham walked to her and introduced himself, removing his hat and bowing politely.

"Excuse me, madam. Are you lost? My name is Graham Thade. Should you require a place to stay, I'll be willing to let you stay at my humble abode. It is quite late."

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37 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:38 am

With Lily having done some errands around the town and whatnot, she came back to the HQ in the mids of the night, only to find Lucas already sleeping, althought, not in his bed that is, but exactly where she had left him: on his seat, next to the table. Luckily, he had not fallen asleep on a plate of food. Lily then went trough the trouble of getting the bartender to help her carry Lucas to their shared room - He hadn't really had enough alcohol at all to passout, the man's just a heave sleeper. It was sort of a funny thing, the life of Lily and Lucas with a shared room. They both clearly had feelings for each other, but Lucas was way too numbskulled to confess any of it, while, althought also shy, Lily was, at least in private, much more straight forward: She had absolutely no problem for instance changing all of her clothes in Lucas's precense, wich caused him great embarrassement, for despite the fact he may not be the one most religious fellow around, he had grown to think that sex and whatnot things are things not to happen before marriage; it's not "God's judgement" or anything he feared about this, simply enough, that is what he thought to be right.

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38 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:41 am

{Meanwhile, in a location unknown}

A lone vampire sits in a run down chair on a balcony He looks at the town of London below him. The land he is on is a flying mansion that has been a home to the monsters who are innocents.

"Hmph. Mortals...killing all they see. Even if it's in a creature's nature, they don't act like everything has a life...a soul..."

Behind him, a man with long grey hair with a muscular upper body wearing torn blue pants appears.

"Hah, yeah right, Valkenhayn. You act like you have a soul yourself."

The vampire, now identified as Valkenhayn, turns around and sighs.

"You don't get the point. They act like we aren't alive and have feelings, undead, monster, or not. All their care about are their own selfish lives."

The man moves with superhuman speed and stands on the very sharp pointed tip of a post on the corner of the balcony. Despite perching himself on it with no footwear, he is able to stand on the sharp point without getting hurt with perfect balance.

"Oh hell, Valkenhayn, don't concern yourself. It's been this way since the dawn of time when we came out. We can basically consider ourselves god's bastard children."

Valkenhayn looked at the man and crushed a fine glass with blood in it on his right.

"You don't seem to get what I'm implying. We were humans, too. We were transformed. Our friends and family who knew us our whole lives became hostile to us and we were seen as enemies. Even then, the ones who are born monsters without a choice but aren't Wicked are still slain for what they disgusts me. There's even a man who is devoting his inventions towards our bane. I will find this man and kill him."

Valkenhayn stepped up to the edge of the balcony and the silver long haired man looked at him.

"You aren't really going to go down there, are you, Talbain? You know that place is Hunter Central."

Valkenhayn looked at the man with a stern look. He knew that he was only called his last name Talbain when someone was serious or concerned about him.

"...I'm dead serious..."

With that, Valkenhayn jumped off of the balcony and his coat became large red wings that he used to start gliding towards the town below.

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39 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:49 pm

Empussa eyes Graham suspiciously.

Empussa: One of those hunters... He's seemed like the strongest in dealing with those Barghests. Could he have known that I'm a vampire? Surely human technology hasn't gone that far...

Empussa then smiled sweetly at Graham.

Empussa: Much obliged, but I am afraid that there is much business I must get out of the way and I must not let sun set keep me from finishing.

The vampiress humbly bowed her head before walking away from the hunter.


Meanwhile in an abandoned castle.

Familiar: Master, it appears your barghest were suppressed!

????: As I thought, the hunters of London were indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Familiar: What now then, master?

????: Rest assured, the entire city shall be unraveled. Luck has already been on my side now that "that boy" has visited there.

Familiar: "That boy?"

????: Yes, one of the four Venice hunters responsible for the death of my dear younger brother, Lucien. I swear by the blood of my brood, I, Vincente Algol, will cover the streets of London in nothing but blood and tattered flesh! Those insignificant mortals will perish!

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40 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:39 pm

FYI: silver makes horrible bullets because it tears up the inside of guns and doesn't spin so it doesn't stabilize, meaning it will be very inaccurate. and because it is so hard it doesn't make a big exit wound/minimal shock damage.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen of the Hunter HQ, a black smoke starts flowing out of the drains. Atriarch then said "what the-" before the black smoke engulfs him and falls to the floor, he is now gone. The chefs are horrified and yell for a hunter as the smoke dissipates..

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41 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:53 pm

Lily and Lucas get up in their beds as they hear the shouts, Lucas in a somehow humorous manner, flapping his hands all around and hitting his head.

Lucas: Jesus Christ, what is it?!
Lily: I dunno, but sounds pretty serious... the thing is, however, the yelling suddenly stopped... with no roars. I think we should get out of here through the window and then come see what's going on from the front door... it could be a trap.
Lucas: I suppose that makes sense.

The two then guickly put on their armors and got their weapons, Lucas now also having his guns filled with silver bullets, and then jumped out of their rooms window, one by one, ladies fist of course. They then rushed to the other side of the building only to see a fellow hunter fall against the doors from the inside, pushing them open with his unconsious body, with the smoke then pouring out.

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42 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:11 pm

{To Rob}
Jah, I know. Graham has a solution to that in his triple barrel rifle.

Graham watches Empussa walk away

"Tch. Women."

Walking around, Graham looks at a watch on his wrist and heads to his house. He doesn't realize what is happening to the others are sits down at his work desk.

"Ah hell, they're all probably asleep by now. Best get some shut eye myself."

With that, Graham leaned on his work desk and fell asleep


Meanwhile, Valkenhayn has just touched down onto the streets of London. Looking around, he seems quite content.

"I sense something..."

Valkenhayn sees the two hunters Lily and Lucas run out of a window in the Hunter's HQ building.

"Hunters...I should kill them now..."

Politely, Valkenhayn walks up to the two hunters.

"Hello, sir and madam. Can you spare me some of your time?"

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43 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:20 am

Lucas: ...Depends.

Hearing the vampire's politely worded guestion, Lucas instantly grabbed his other gun to point at it as he turned around, his logic to doing so being the fact that it was clear that it was a time of turmoil, for an unconcious man had just fallen trough the main doors of the building, out of wich was coming smoke.

Meanwhile, on the roof the building next to the Hunters HQ

A purple haired, very, very pretty, white skinned lady with purple lipstick and matching makeup overall, dressed quite provocately, looked down at the hunter pointing his gun at what the woman could see to be a vampire. She was holding a knife, and had her arms crossed.

?????: Ooooooooohh? Tee-hee... he's quite cute... even daring to point a gun at an immortal... oh... I bet those bullets have silver linings or something of the sort, too... I sure would love to tear his body... That lady of his, too... such delicious little treats, both of them... That pesky little brat of a vampire seems to be getting awfully close with my dinner, however...

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44 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:25 pm

After Empussa departs from Graham, she continues walking. As nighttime grew darker, thick layers of fog began to cover the streets of Lodon.

Empussa: These London nights have a much more sinister atmosphere then in Venice...

Empussa sniffs the air around her and detects and anomalous scent of blood.

Empussa: Another vampire...

The vampiress shapeshifts into her bat form and takes flight through the massive fog.

In Hunter's HQ barracks...

Raphael: zzz

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45 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:37 am

Seeing Lucas look at the window and let his guard down, Valkenhayn dives and grabs Lily, his coat forming massive wings that block Lucas out of sight around them.

"Don't take it personally. I just hate your hunter kind."

His eyes become more red and his fangs glisten in the barely uncovered moonlight above.

"Such a waste, one as pretty as yourself..."

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46 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:44 am

(Lucas: Blast! I can't shoot that, I might hurt Lily!)

Suddenly, another vampire with massive wings dives at Valkenhayn, grabbing him by the neck and making him stumble in a manner wich forced him to let go of Lily.

?????: Now now... playing with my prey, are we?

The vampire then took out two silver pocket knives, propably taken from former prey.

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47 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:46 am

The clashing vampires attracted Empussa into stepping into the battlefield.

Empussa: Two vampires, now?

This third vampiress hopped onto a building to watch Valkenhayn and the other mysterious vampire do battle.

Empussa: I don't want to pick a side just yet...

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48 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:09 pm

Noticing a shadowy figure hopping on top of the building, Lucas looked up in suspicion.

(Lucas: Are you freaking kidding me? 8/)

He then guickly helped Lily get up and get behind him.

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49 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:14 am

Valkenhayn raised his right leg and kicked the mysterious vampire in the jaw and backs away.

"Why are you being hostile? I simply want to eradicate these Hunters for killing our kind. If you want to feast, feel free to. I'll take one, you take the other."

Hoping this new vampire wasn't going to fight since he wasn't willing to fight his own kind for no valid reason, he readied looked at Lucas.

"Come here, Hunter. I will make your mercifully swift."

{Meanwhile, back in Graham's House}

As Graham sleeps, he starts moving in his sleep.

"No...Cassandra...not again...I supported your witchcraft and this is how you repay me?!...NO! STOP IT! H-H-HAHAHA STOP!"

Suddenly, a cat jumped into his open window and licked his face.


Upon jumping awake, the cat jumps in shock and claws Graham, scratching him across the face. He simply looks at the cat, claws still out, and pets it on the head, calming it down.

"Good kitty. I'll forgive you this time by leaving your anatomy in contact because I won't crush your insides with blunt force trauma."

The cat yawns and Graham opens his door, letting the cat out, and steps outside himself, putting a bandage on his bleeding scratch wound.

"I love cats...except for the clawing part..."

In the distance of the Town Square he sees Valkenhayn, Lucas, Lily, and the mysterious vampire, unaware of the current situation.

"What is this, late night training or something? Gonna wake up all of London."

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50 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:41 am

WOOT, 50th post!!


Empussa watches as Valkenhayn turns to the hunter.

Empussa: As much as I hate hunters, I need to rely on them to protect Raphy, when I can't...

The vampiress jumped down in front of Lucas and before the other two vampires. She gave a sweet smile at averyone, masking her ferociousness under a pseudo-grin.

Empussa: *turns to Lucas* I suggest you run. And as for you two, before you ask why I am assisting a hunter, its simply because I don't consider them as much of a threat as a vampire from an enemy brood. So if you wish to combat this hunter...

The vampiress in casual blue noble's regalia lost her smile as her red eyes gave a bloodlust focus at the other two vampires.

Empussa: I'm afraid I'm gonna have to slit your fucking throat and rip out your jugular!

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