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Inari's Fanart

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101Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:42 am

Akira wrote:A poem as well as art, cool lol Laughing
As I said before, it looks really good. I think the darker version suits your trainer better, however...I think the room itself looks better in the idk which one D:
But overall, very smexy piece.

Akira stole the words out of my mouth, I like the room when its lit up but the trainer looks cooler in the dark

Treecko is sooo cute :3
As always, it looks good. The blood looks real which is kind of scary O_O plus the marks his hand makes on the floor with the blood on his hand makes the piece look even more realistic. The shadow behind the screen is very menacing, would it be Houndour-sama?

On to the trainer, the style of clothes that you used suits your trainer well, and the shade of red and green that you used for his upper body clothing blends together greatly. I like the shinobi style pants and foot wear. The bandages make it feel like if he kicked me in the face I would die O.o lol.

The only off thing I noticed was his left foot, it looks like he has a pokemon foot because it seems like its split in the middle with just two toes.

But yet again Inari, I have fallen in love with another one of your art pieces.

P.S. Houndour is still smexier than the trainer though :/ XD

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102Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:56 am

I couldn't resist writing a haiku like poem for this Japanese-esque picture. So much for a relaxing time off at a hot spring, business always interferes as usual. Lol

I have to agree with that comment about the trainer vs the room, thankfully, I am not limited to only posing one picture. So you can look at the best of both of them.

As for the clothing, I figured it would be appropriate to put him in Japanese clothes based on the setting. He probably went to the hot spring or training earlier in the day however an event called for his attention before he could change back into his normal attire. (Looks at blood splatter…)

At cs, you know you love my photoshopped blood. XD
As for the mystery pk, (no we are not playing “who’s that pokemon”) its not your beloved houndour. Take a closer look at the silhouette, try and figure out which pokemon it is, I think it's a third generation if I am not mistaken. ^^’

Also, as for his left foot, I tried to put him in tabi socks, (the ones with the split between the toes) so that might be why it looks off.

Anyway, thank you all for the comments. I do love the feedback. ^^

p.s. cs I drew that one pic for you already, I’ve just been waiting to meet up with you on msn to give it to you.

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103Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:40 pm

Its ABSOL!!!!! lol and okay cool I can't wait to see it ^^

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104Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:46 am

Only you could make Pokemon gorey XD
Nicely done, love the guy's hair.

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105Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:59 am

>=D just wait till you actually see him in the story.
This is not the Pokemon you know from the games.

But that aside, thanks ^^
His hair lost some of the details when I colored it,
individual strands don't stand out so well against dark hair .-.

I have drawn what his clothes actually wears, but it will take
me awhile to color it because I am determined not to photoshop
until I finish this blasted paper I am working on. ><

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106Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:38 pm

ok...I lied.

I messed up on the hair but meh, this was just to display the idea.

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107Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:36 am

Inari wrote:ok...I lied.

I messed up on the hair but meh, this was just to display the idea.

I'm so... jealous.

1. Because I can't color...

2. Your trainer actually has a nice design clothes-wise.

Sexy beast. If only I wasn't so fond of women and their parts... (Sighs)

But anyways, FABULOUS design. I want to comment on the colors you chose, but there's just nothing else to say aside from how cool it looks lol

I've spotted a few... "length" issues though. In regards to his arms. His left arm's upperarm is considerably shorter than his right. Also, although his feet are pointed in different angles - his heels should be level. Otherwise, it looks as if one leg is longer than the other.

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108Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:26 am

...this was just to display the idea...

But your comments are delightful as always. ^^
I like the clothes but the model i put them on has a bunch of
flaws lol his pockets are also differing in size along with his
anatomical mistakes. ^^'

When I draw him in the future hopefully I wont make
the same mistakes.

Anyway, you know I do take an occasion commission for coloring...
it all depends on how you ask. *fox grin*

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109Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:11 pm

Anyway, you know I do take an occasion commission for coloring...
it all depends on how you ask. *fox grin*
Color this now? Very Happy

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110Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:09 am

*Throws toxic sammich at akira. The plate misses and crashes against the wall.*
Sorry, I missed. ^_^

And nah, you don't have to demand it. I pick what I color but I
have been known to take request.

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111Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Mon Nov 15, 2010 9:31 am

....always back to back....

Anyway, here is hopefully the
replacement for my last picture. Last time
I was merely aiming to get the idea down and now
this one is to show it in motion.

Vince: *on cell* Do wha-?

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112Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:07 pm

Looks pretty sweet, love the sense of motion in this one. Also, what does the R stand for?

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113Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:03 pm

^^ ty
i was hoping to capture some movement.

Anyway, as for the "R" that is to be revealed in the
rp, there is a story behind it and it exists for a reason.
But there are no direct spoilers here.

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114Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:28 pm

well, as many secrets that surround my character, I
think I'll reveal one before it is revealed in the rp. ^^'

My last picture was rather disappointing but i really just
wanted to show off the branded R, this pic ill give another

you know the drill, enjoy, ^^

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115Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:09 am


I really love Vince's outfit!!! You should really create your own line of clothes haha Razz The shading is perfectly done as always, I really like the colours and shades chosen for his hair Very Happy
Sorry for not commenting recently, I've had a lot of work and deadlines to adhere to Razz

Also, I'm assuming that the "R" is for "Rocket"?

Corebalt: " And Karasu's Furret sweep'd my entire team. Embarassed "
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116Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:48 am

Ty ^^
I don't know about designing clothes, I think Akira can vouch for me that I have no fashion sense but I have to admit I like the simplistic appearance of the outfit. (I still have to design his work uniform…) But that aside, I think I am going to let Kubo design clothes he seems more into it anyway. While on the topic of him, I will say I did borrow the stance you see Vince in whilst on the cell phone. It was interesting trying to mimic while at the same time alter to fit my character.

As for the branded “R”, Rocket only brands their finest with a cattle brand ^^
(Vince being the only one that is branded…) I wasn't able to draw the brand in my latest pic but it is still there on his right arm where as he is missing part of his left. Just to clear that up. Lol
Also either of these spoilers, the missing hand nor the brand are known in the rp yet, so keep that on the down low. XD

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117Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:28 pm

It's getting to be that time of year again, so in honor of it getting colder
where I am, I drew this;

Please enjoy and read my comment on the pic.

Also, for the holidays, I want your comments on my pics >=D

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118Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Fri Dec 03, 2010 12:39 am

Well it truly has been a while so I guess I have a lot to catch up on so we shall start with each picture starting with 71.

70 - Usually the majority of your art is dealing with anime characters that would have some sort of power or dark past but fit right in with the normal anime universe such as Inuyasha, FMA, Bleach, Naruto etc. Well you did your Pokemon trainer very well. When I envision him in the Pokemon world talking with Ash or interacting in a battle or with Pokemon in general, he fits in perfectly. The clothes that you used are the kind that you would assume a Pokemon trainer would wear. Comfortable slightly baggy pants that have some extra pockets that could hold supplies. The double belt is really cool because the way the belt with the pokeballs sags down perfectly inline with with his hand is really awesome and convenient. The look in his eye shows that he has some sort of dark or lonely past and the way his clenches his fist kinda tells me that he is ready to move on with his life. (I'm probably wrong but it's merely a speculation.) And of course I always dig the spiky hair style cause well I love spiky hair Very Happy And I still love how you are able to include the dark mysterious emotions in your character even in a Pokemon trainer style which is usually the more kiddy happy go lucky style. (People could argue that Giovanni, the Darkrai trainer, Paul, and Cyrus could meet this quota but meh they are wrong XD)

71 - Ah now on to the next one which i particularly fell in love with. Well first it took me awhile to figure out that he is in the pose he is because of the cellphone. (I read the description haha) Well in this picture it gives your character that kinda of outgoing but fun type of emotion kinda like Ichigo (as an example, It's hard putting it in words) You actually pulled off this pose extremely well considering how you drew the ruffles in his sleeves to match the movement of his arms, considering usually button up shirt like that tend to be a little tighter around the arm area mainly the shoulder armpit area. The left arm seems to be at a weird angle but it makes sense considering how I just realized he has a fake left hand. But the angle is one that is more easily pulled off in real life is definitely difficult to draw which you did well since the way the elbow is positioned is normal how a person would position it when on the cellphone and leaning the way he is. The face is really good because it shows the full emotion and the less mysterious side of him. His (I hope I'm right with the color) greenish eyes match perfectly with his hair color and the shading and color for the tongue and inner trimmings of his mouth are similar to most anime style mouths. Plus the "wtf did you just say" face is priceless XD.
And the R shaped scar/imprint on his arm intrigues me, you must tell me his back story sometime, I'm very interested.

72 - In this picture I'll begin with the background/setting. Well I always love sunset type settings in which in represents the end of a long stress filled day or a time of relaxing and enjoying such a beauty of life. Vince looks like he is very tired and is glad to finally sit down and rest lol. The scars and marks on his body plus the fake hand which I discovered in this picture show that he has had a very unique past that he keeps to himself. I like how his eyes are shut because it gives him that relaxed kind of clearing his mind look. And the hand behind the head/neck is my favorite pose when thinking, his pose is similar to how I look when I think and clear my mind lol. I love how your drew the fake hand, its drawn in which you can tell how it would be strapped on and how much of a pain in the ass it would be to have to use it in place of having his real hand. I like the gray sock Very Happy it looks real XD. And I like how the fake hand is placed in the grass, it actually looks like its laying among the tall grass and not on top of it like novice artists do. And I love the hair even more because it looks extra spiky XD I love it.

73 - Well it is the same picture without the setting but it serves its purpose. I can now fully see the detail in which you used in drawing his fake hand. I'm guessing its designed to where the brown diamond looking attachment goes on his shoulder. Or it could be meant for his elbow, but if its for his elbow it seems like the straps would be a bit too long to be proportionate with his body, meaning his left arm would be longer than his right. But I'm probably wrong with how its used, so I definitely want the back story on him.

74 - Ah how I love winter and of course anything that relates with ice or the use of ice powers. I love the criss cross type pattern you have for his banes in between his eyes, its very unique and it goes with his smirk on his face XD. I love his icy hand, it reminds me of one of my favorite Bleach characters Toshiro Hitsugaya <3. The cost that he is wearing is kind of that Mr. Scrooge type clothing style, well in that time period anyway. The scarf looks like its moving with the wind, well it looks like a scarf sorry if I'm wrong, and the icy wintery mist adds to the Mr. Frost theme. The spikey collar is very pointy like all collars should be XD and the frost that is on the ends actually looks like he has an ice patch on his clothes. The slight blue icy color used with the ice makes it look how a Wintery anime character should be. What truly makes his sophistication stand out is the jewel fixture on his, what I assume to be, tie. Its like one of those rare and valuable jewels that only a rich man could have XD Plus it has that icy, spiky wintery look that matches with the rest of his clothing.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my novel XDDD It's almost two pages single spaced in word XD

But like always Inari, I love your art and I hope to see more. You have definitely improved from your earlier art work, which I'm sure you can tell.

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119Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Fri Dec 03, 2010 8:45 am

(Inari’s heart grew three times its size after reading that comment)

*Bows so low that my head hits the ground*
Thank you ever so much for that elaborate feedback. I really appreciate feedback but that takes the cake as the Mecca. In order to show my appreciation, I am opening my nonexistent commission board for you; there is no time limit on this offer. I will draw and photoshop something within my power upon your request. Just as a disclaimer, I am a limited artist and I have really never tried to draw an “in anime/manga” character but if you request one then I shall at least try it. Or if you like I can just color a line art that you fancy- either or, its for you to decide.

Also I do offer to color some pics in photoshop, except most of you other guys are aspiring artist yourself and do not want another to finish your work. Which is completely understandable, seeing as I am that way myself.

Anyway, the only way I can respond to your comments is by posting my own, so here I go.

70- I can only think of a few characters in my arsenal that have actually had fairly normal back-stories. I find characters with tragedy past or dark secrets to be more dynamic and alluring, what can I say. ^^’ I am glad to hear he fits in so well for that was what I as aiming for. As for his dark nature, I may display it in my art but he will be a very misleading fox in the rp. Also those characters don't have anything on Vince, it is my goal to bring a sense of reality to the rp, even if that reality is very dark. Rocket to me resembled the mafia and pokemon battles are nothing more than dog fights, blood will be shed. That's all I can say here.

71- this emotion is what Vince normally will display in the story, the generally pleasant and at times humorous individual with a fox like grin. Its funny that you should mention Ichigo for I must add as a disclaimer, that I borrowed this position and then highly customized it to fit Vince. So thank Kubo for the idea, I just added my own spices. In this position now that you all know the arm is fake, he was just pulling down the sleeve, as he was getting ready for the day however a phone call from the Boss threw him off, hence the lovely expression on his face. Yes his eyes are green and his hair is raven blue. I am glad to hear I pulled off a pic that is true to its anime roots.
As for his back-story, I can do that, if ever we are both on msn. Lol The “R” has been noted here I think in a recent post but that is only a portion of the truth that is hidden by Vince.

72/73- you described my intentions perfectly. There is a lot of stress in Vince’s life that those in the rp and those who have read his bio can figure out, though the main cause of his stress is to remain a mystery for now. As for his arm, your first idea was correct—that diamond shape piece of material does go onto his shoulder. The way the arm works is that Vince places his forearm into the skin colored plastic almost crescent moon shaped portion allowing the metal ring on it to act as the area his wrist would be. This plastic area ends right before the elbow allowing for easy arm movement and then the leather straps connect it to the piece on the shoulder to secure the bottom half. The shoulder then has straps that drape around Vince’s chest and back, draping underneath his other arm, and then lock together with a latch in the middle of his chest. This arm of his is complicated device however necessary so that the arm just doesn't pop off by accident. Lol Vince: can somebody give me a hand; I’ve seemed to drop mine.
Though he tends to keep his scars and missing hand to himself, I doubt he would actually say the above. XD

74- The wind and the snow kinda messed up his hair a bit, notice that it is not as spiky as it is normally, however because he is helping to spread the winter some of his articles have become frozen themselves. I do love that style of clothing as you have seen me draw it multiple times in the past. A button up high collared coat with edges trimmed in frost, a lovely gradient scarf captured by the wind, a stripped blue waist coat with a collared shirt and neck tie thing seemed appropriate for one conducting Father Winter’s affairs. (Also I think my hand would try to strangle me if I were to put Vince in a traditional frost elf spirit type uniform) XD

As for the final note, I do try to track my progress, which is why I am so reluctant to leave Galexi, for it has acted as a wonderful log to see just how much I have improved or regressed. I do hope I have been improving; all I can definitely say is that my photoshoping is always experimenting with progress. My most recent pic was the first time I’ve ever photoshoped a wintery scene. XD

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120Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:09 am

Inari wrote:(Inari’s heart grew three times its size after reading that comment)

Digging the "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" reference XD It made me laugh considering its almost Christmas lol

But yeah, like I said It's been a long while since I've spoken to you and left feedback on your art, so I just took the time to do it all at once considering I was 5 pictures behind haha. And I probably will take you up on that art offer sometime in the near future, I like seeing the combination of my ideas in the form of someone else's artistic mind. I can create fabulous stuff in my head but alas I'm not good enough to express it on paper, which I need to learn how to draw someday XD

While typing the feedback, I literally had to make two separate windows and type in the comment box as I examined the picture XD I try my best to stay away from the it looks good or awesome comments, which I am getting better at. I know you would rather hear me tell you why I think its awesome than to just say it. But I mean you can't beat that always ferocious, delectable, cute, and smexy Houndour of yours XDDD Ah I still love that picture lol.

I was actually gonna request that you build me a giant statue of Houndour out of macaroni and then Fedex (Well UPS cause you can make Akira deliver it for free XD) it to me but that might be a tad bit complicated XD

But enough of my babbling, I'll try my best to be on MSN more, school is almost out and since we have more people hired at work now I get less hours. So now I have a little more free time.

P.S. I think we wrote more in our two post than all the other comments in this topic combined XD

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121Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:05 pm

Lol, I was listening to Christmas carols and listening to the audio of Christmas special whilst I was drawing and photoshoping Vince Frost. XD So pardon me, but I will probably make a few more before this topic is over.

That's fine about the feedback; I wasn't concerned about the amount since I knew you were behind because of your situation. I just really appreciated the depth of your comment, I don't mind if comments are bad I just wish people would leave critique instead of a mere “its good” or something like that. Not that people are still doing that, but it just means more when people actually take the time to leave a comment.

*Laughs* still cant beat houndour can I? I’m afraid my art is limited to what I can do with my pencil and my crutch of photoshop. Besides I have never really made anything out of macaroni except food dishes. ^^’

As for msn, school is reaching a close for me as well. I think the 17th is my last day. So I’ve just got presentations, finals and tutoring sessions and then I shall be free once more. Then I get to watch all my Christmas specials *_*

Finally, the P.s., yeah, I think that would be a really safe bet. XD

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122Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:07 am

Ah the joys of Christmas and It's overall addicting specials, oh how I have been waiting for this time of year XD. Sadly I might skip the specials and catch up on some games before next years games release lol

To be truthfully honest, I wish your Houndour was real.... I just wanna hug its evil yet cute face XDDD And yeah I knew that you liked more than a "thats good" or "holy shit thats awesome" thats why I through in why I liked it and feedback based on different stuff you did in each picture, which pleases you if I'm not mistaken.

P.S. I wanna fight you on Naruto this weekend, I have no work or school Saturday and Sunday plus I'm procrastinating Homework till Sunday nightish XD

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123Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Thu Dec 09, 2010 1:11 pm

I havent played that game in forever lol

I find it amusing that you like that houndour of mine. lol

Anyway, as always i thank whoever stops and takes a moment
to really consider what they are going to comment. It really means
alot to me and helps me improve.

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124Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:33 am

Oh Inari (Sighs) this is so overdue...

...but yeah, I'm going to critique your "Vince (Jack) Frost" piece, aka — artwork 74.

You ability to produce work as fast as you do amazes me, especially when they're themed for their respective holidays. And they consistently up there in craftsmanship.

Vince's attire here is pretty amazing, the coat, scarf, and pocket watch suit his calm and elegant demeanor. And he knows this from the smug smile he has lol - and I see you even switched his false hand out for something more holiday appropriate... so kudos to you lol.

The effects are on par as usual. I can definitely "feel" him standing amid a flurry of snow. Also, you've done quite well with shading him. Parts of the picture are definitely well defined - however, there are a few flat areas. Specifically, the upper portion of the scarf of the left - as well as his collar. However, I think it's just my eyes deceiving me.

Also, his pose is jumbled. His left shoulder is closer to us in space than his right clearly. Unfortunately, through some misadventure his button-up, and tie, say otherwise. As the latter seems to be facing towards us, indicating that his shoulders are in fact align and that he's not standing at an angle. A little shift to the side, or slight turn in angle for the tie and collar would remedy this immediately.

Otherwise, from those very small errors - this is a very splendid piece ^^

I just wish you'd make a tutorial on how to color in photoshop. Spread the knowledge. Don't be a statistic.

The More You Know Star Shoots Up Above.

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125Inari's Fanart - Page 5 Empty Re: Inari's Fanart on Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:23 pm

*Takes a bow* I apologize for badgering you so long about this piece. I am a fiend for critic for that is how I improve.
Thank you for your time, ^^ I always enjoying hearing from you for you tell it as you see it. This picture had a lot of experimentation on my part; I’ve never tried to draw a scarf nor Photoshop frost/snow and ice. I’ll keep the anatomical critic in mind for my next pic…whenever I get to one.

Anyway, in the past I have tried to show people my basic technique but there is one flaw in my method, I am constantly experimenting so it is difficult to pin down my method. I thought I have sent you a document showing my process…hmm…I may make a tutorial no promises though. I haven’t made a tutorial since sprites and even then that wasn't a very good one. But we’ll see. ^_^

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