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Insane RP Adventure: Character and Preferences Topic

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Alright, since I think it's a good idea to do this, let's get started. Since I want the RP to be enjoyable to as many people as I can, I'll let you choose your preferences.

First, make a character.

blablabla [Exact details if you want to go in depth like eye color and blood type]
Bio/background story
Personality and likes/dislikes


Name: Ylana Lyntray (Ya-lahn-a Lin-tray)

Age: 21

Height: 4 foot 12

Weight: 121 pounds

Eye color: Blue

Blood Type: A+

Birthplace: Toronto, Canada

Bio: A violent and daring girl at a young age, Ylana started learning how to fire guns and martial arts in her teen years. Specializing in sniping and explosives, Ylana became a young mercenary that fought for thrills. In a mission accident she crippled her right leg and was confined to using a cane, but she is still highly acrobatic and her cane doubles as a gun and bludgeon.

Now here's where things get different. I'll let YOU pick the kind of format the RP is for you specifically. Note that if you want, you can ask me to change your preferences. You're stats will be saved.


-Yes, I want RPG stat based fights
-No, I don't want stat based RPG battles, I'll do it Role play style

-Yes, I want money
-No, I want bartering and doing quests for items

-Yes, I want a list of options so I know what I can choose to do
-No, I'll insert my own commands to get around.

RPG Battles: You have stats and such like a Final Fantasy game or [insert RPG here] (When fighting someone who doesn't have RPG Battles, it becomes a Role Play fight)

Role Play fights: You do the fights in text, where there are no stats.

{If you chose stats, put 150 points into these 3 categories}

HP: How many times you can get kicked in the nuts (metaphorically if you're a girl) before you die

Strength: How hard you can hit that generic dude in the face (and for some reason it makes your chainsaw stronger. lolwut?)

PEP: Pure Energy Points. They allow you to harness special powers and bend the world's logic in your favor.

Money System: There is money and you can accumulate it to buy things by doing various tasks.

No Money: Everyone's dirt poor, so go do something if you want it so bad.


List of options: For those who don't want to think for themselves too hard, you'll get a list of options that let you decide on what to do.

[Go left]
[Go right]
[Go pick up the step, go left, go right, go left!]
[Fall asleep]
[Make your own hallway via PEP (5)]
[Go to sleep, it SEEMS safe enough despite being the Fortress of Deatht and Dying]
[Do nothing]

Adventure game style: To do things, insert the commands you want.

You see the Flaming Sword of Trolls.

(type this)
{Take the sword}

{Eat the sword}

{Get the heck out of here}

{Yell it's a trap}


And...yeah, that's about it. Note that this will take place at the BEGINNING of the series, so Beat, you don't know MM yet. Sorry, but you'll have to start your relationship over again if you want her to get in your pants =P

Anyways, when we have about 2-3 participants I'll begin. People are free to jump in whenever they want if it's already started

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BLAST sorry for the wait man, I missed this when you posted it due to some forum functioning difficulties, derp.

And also, SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTT!! Epicness doesn't even begin to describe this. And ahh, yay! Despite the fact I love how Beat is today, I've been thinking a replay of sorts of the start would be nice!


Name: Benjamin Sebastian Beat Jonathan Pepperbeckham. Doesn't exactly like his name, isntead preferring "Beat Yoz". The "Yoz" part is delivered from his last first name, "Jonathan".

Age: 18 (Yeap, decided to have it so. He's 19 nowadays for those who dunno)

Height: Around 6 feet 2.

Weight: I do not even know.

Eye color: Brown. Would prefer skyblue, but sadly, his genetics denied him that.

Blood Type: A

Birthplace: I do not even know.

Bio: Born to a pair of adventurers, Rosy Lillemur Pepper and Clove Julius Beckham to be precise, he's always been, overall, a pretty decend kid, never really going trough that big rebellous phase. Not an only child, however, he never really got to be: Around 3 years, althought on the side of 2, after Beat's birth, to him was born a sister, then named Bernice Susanna Rhyme Jessica Pepperbeckham, infact therefore also having the exact same initials as Beat, and infact adopting a similar nickname, too: "Rhymy Chess", wich infact causes Beat to call him "Rhino" whenever she annoys him. The two however parted ways, as Beat finally moved to his own apartment at the age of 18. With their dad mysteriously disappearing with two of his best friends when Beat and Rhyme where still very young, the two were raised by their loving mother with the support of her best friend (who has since childhoold been to her like a big brother) James Lawrice Sacremony and their grandfather, Ben Charles Beckham, who infact taught the two of them and their best friend from childhood, and the son of one of Clove's also disappeared friends, Cedric Roberts, the way of the sword, wich the assistance of James, who is also a great, great swordfighter. In their childhood, both Rhyme and Beat both always loved Pokémon to death, and played it all they could, all the time. Beat never had many freckles except some on his nose and cheeks when he was a kid (note, he and his sister both come from a long family of redheads), but Rhyme actually even now has a plenty. Rhyme has also lost her other eye in an accident. The two are in the end also infact very close as a sister and a brother, and have their katana's named after each other. Beat also highly educated in several fields including Mathematics, Psychics and Chemistry.


Just as a heads up, if this ever comes to the point where I, in the first RP, introduced Todd the Chopper (urrrrrrgh) I plan to introduce Rhyme instead. Ehh, badass, sexy, cute, and has a katana. Oh yeah, and an eyepatch, of wich she makes jokes of, in the manner of "arrrr!".

Oh yeah, also, I'd want RPG battles, money, and a list of options each time.
His stats will be the following:

HP: 45
ATK: 50
PEP: 55

EDIT: Whoops. Tuned town the overall stat from 300 to 150.

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Ok, I'll try to do this one right:

Name: Allen Thomas James (nickname: Altu)

Age: 17

Height: 5 foot 11

Weight: 165 pounds

Eyes: Brown

Birthplace: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Bio: Allen was a fairly average child, growing up sheltered from the sins of Atlantic City and living in the shadow of his older cousin, Allan. Allan's parents had died in a house fire around the time Allen was born, so the 3 year old boy went to live with his aunt and uncle. The age difference and the fact that there were two boys with the same name created the everlasting nicknames Al-one and Altu. Altu's cousin was a mean-spirited boy. He embraced the dark culture of Atlantic and grew in power with organized crime families around the area. When Altu turned sixteen, his own house was burned down in a situation disturbingly similar to Al-one's. Al-one took Altu in, and told his protégé the reason for his years of torture. The fires were both a result of an un-named criminal trying to kill the boys. The years of pain were intended to scar Altu's mind, just as losing both parents would. Al-one taught Altu the secrets he had learned to hurt without touching, to burn without lighting, the skills for a revenge rooted in poetic justice. Altu has learned fire control and minor wind control, just waiting for a chance to use them.

RPG battles are good.

No, I want to work for my things.

No, I want the freedom to make things a bit more unique.

For stats:

HP: 70

strength: 35

PEP: 45

That's if we're picking from 150, if not, I'll probably adjust all that.

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=) Howdy partner, welcome to the forum. You should go introduce yourself in the "Hardware store"! pirat

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As per Alucard's request, I am making a character for this RP.

Automatic logout killed the entire thing I typed up earlier, so this is a much summarized version.


Name: Xafiel Derros Jurigan Korren Okri Zerfrey Alkriss Baron Des Noture Arkson XXIII (Comes from a family of lazy namers who couldn't think of anything better for a name after his great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great -breathes- grandfather decided an overly long name made up of varying styles was a great way to be much more noticeable)

Age: 23

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 148 lbs

Blood type: B

Birthplace: Probably somewhere over Nevada. Lived on a machine driven city in the sky.

Likes: Pizza, Freestyle running, guns
Dislikes: Heat, sharp stuff, pain
Hates: Being stationary

Appearance: Spiky, bleached hair set over aviation goggles. His eyes are colored a bloody tone of red. He wears a deep blue light duster over a black tank, blue denim jeans held with a weave-pattern belt, and black hiking boots.

Biography: Being raised in a city of machines, he was brought up to learn how to upkeep the technology that keeps their world afloat. He often got bored, however, and snuck away to spend hours at the shooting range and to practice freestyle running across the city.
On one of his days of avoiding work, the machine began to revolt against their human creators after having become sentient and deciding that "inferior masses of flesh" were a threat to the perfect world they were holding together.
With half the city being massacred, he played the coward and headed straight for the escape pods where he slammed his palm into that big red button to begin his descent to Earth.

Moments later, he came to regret that decision either for the fact of leaving everything he had known behind to be destroyed by an army of machines to keep his own health, or for what looked like it would be a really rough landing...


Role play battles, stats are too annoying.

Bartering and doing quests for items

I can think of my own choices for doing stuff.

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Sweet, already 3. I wish Dr. Diablogical would also join Very Happy

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Name: Atriarch

Age: 17

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 135 pounds

Eye color: Brown

Blood Type: A+

Birthplace:Tir Chonaill, Erinn

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Preferences, dood?

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Alucard009 wrote:Preferences, dood?
I typed it big and long then after I pressed enter it said log in, when I did everything I typed was gone.

I like roll play style, making my own choices and money.

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so, how many people before this kicks off my good man?

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It already has D: go to the RP Central section.

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Razz this site had me guessing all the time, ugh...

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