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Forum Rules

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1Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules on Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:41 am


Not that you all really need rules thrown into your faces - but setting some boundaries seems appropriate.

General Rules

  • Debating and discussions are cool, and quite recommended. However - rudeness, profanity, insulting posts, personal attacks, and pointlessly inflammatory posts (i.e. trolling) will not be prohibited. Admin are not exempt from this rule; if you feel we have wronged you, then do not hesitate to call us out on it.
  • This rule deserves elaboration: There will be no racial, ethnic, gender based insults or any other personal discrimination. Seriously. Breaking this rule will end in a permanent ban.
  • Do not, and I repeat - "Do not" post meaninglessly threads, pointless one-worded posts, or anything in the "general crap" category.
  • Once again, trolling is prohibited. In all forms. This rule goes alongside spamming and advertising.
  • Bumping post, or the act of posting to bring the post back into the "spot light," is acceptable - but don't abuse this power. Please wait a reasonable amount of time before bumping a post. Twelve hours between posting is fine. In times of "Posting Drought" (when the forum is relatively quiet in activity) the time may shorten.
  • No double/triple/etc posting. It's unnecessary. Simply edit your post, or wait as mentioned before. This rule loosely applies to the RP section (as it has it's own rules.)
  • No Porn. No posts that contain any links to sites sexual in nature. No sexual harassing.
  • Discussion of illegal activities, such as piracy of music or other copyrighted material, is prohibited. It's a given that our era contains a bunch of thieves, but let's not gloat about it.
  • Admin reserve the right of removing offensive posts without notice.
  • Posts discussing the actions of mods and/or admin are prohibited. If you have an issue, just talk directly to us.


  • Avatars should be constrained to a maximum of 150 px width, and a 150 px height. No bigger than that please... excessively length stretches out the forum unnecessarily; and yes, that's what she said.
  • Animated avatars are prohibited. Some users may have computers or internet connections that don't cope well with heavy loading. Usually the latter is more prominent - so keep your forum members in mind.
  • Sexually oriented, gory, and any other inappropriate avatars must be avoided.
  • Signatures height shouldn't exceed a 150 px height; a 450 px width is a maximum that can be loosely followed. However, anything excessive will be immediately removed.

This is a work in progress. More rules will be added over time.

Seriously speaking however, rules on Sammich are slightly unnecessary. We're all in college, or at least smart enough to know not to act like douches. So please, glance over these... realize, "Hey, I do these already." Then let's just move on...

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