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Galexi Net

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1Galexi Net Empty Galexi Net on Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:43 pm

A few of you know, or may now know that I have another site that I primarily use to upload art - or allow others to upload work. Our main attraction being Inari's awesome work lol

"Galexi Net"

And I'm making this topic primarily to point out that everyone here can use it as a safe haven to upload work as well. Seeing as I'm probably never going to completely ditch the place (Maybe spruce it up every now and then...)

So feel free to sign up, and you should be approved within half a day's time. And you can upload from there ^^


HOWEVER, the big notice here - and Inari, this is no big deal, but you should note this as well:

BUT the domain name is expiring on the 3rd of September - and honestly, I'm not going to renew it due to many personal reasons. So the site domain will simple switch back to my original Webs domain name:

Basically this...

So just giving a heads up to current members, and future ones. Also - if anyone is good at HTML, or CSS (Or at least better than me) then you guys can like... totally redesign the site XD

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2Galexi Net Empty Re: Galexi Net on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:13 am

kk thanks for the heads up, sorry I kinda used
your site to display my art. ^^'

Glad you arent getting rid of it though, feared the
worse by the way you set up that last bit. Thankfully
as you said its nothing major. But anyway thanks again-
*goes to update links*

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