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In the urban jungles of modern day, in cities parallel to our own, shinobi thrive. Ninja act as the dominating force within every city acting as the armies that secretly serve to protect the interest of their domain. Technology is advanced as much as our own, however, it has become accustomed in the shinobi style especially in regards to weaponry. Within each city there are unique families and abilities that differ from place to place. Most of the major cities have their own Underground, which serve to train and manage the ninja of the country. Not all who dwell within a shinobi city have the potential to become shinobi themselves due to the manipulation of chakra. Through chakra and their chakra elements, the ninja arts of jutsu, body and illusion arts can be fully utilized. Those who have attended the Academy (training school for shinobi) and passed their exams are considered full-fledged shinobi and are presented their license allowing them to carry out their assigned missions, even if they are contrary to the laws of the realm.
Shinobi act as the armed forces of individual cities and as such are frequently pitted against one and other. Those who have taken the oath must engage in both a bloody and political life. Shinobi are commonplace in the public eye and the level and class of the shinobi a city possesses determines its success.

In the city of Lincere our story begins, but in order for it to begin you must fill out your shinobi roster and have the approval to commence.


Each city and its surrounding area act as a region apart from one another, possessing their own laws and customs that typically reflect the terrain. In most cities, Politicians act as the liaison to the political realm of normal government, the general public and the branches of shinobi within an area. Political leaders are often elected by vote, however, some may be appointed; just as high ranking shinobi are appointed their position. Only if their position is challenged is there issued a vote.
Commerce exists between many of the city-states as they are all connected underneath one banner, the Imperial rule of the Emperor. All candidates to be the leaders within a city-state are all approved by the Imperial court before they are allowed to enter the voting ballot. Thus the land is governed by a republic with pseudo-feudalism tendencies, in regards to the highest of offices alone.
Though the court interferes very little with the ruling of their city-states, each of the leaders have pledged a vassal-like bond to the court and should the Imperial Court need to, it may intercede into the affairs of a city-state with the goal of correcting what may have gone awry.

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*The sun had just passed over the horizon and the last of its dying embers cast their red glow upon the night sky. Near the outskirts of Lincere, Kohaku stood within his green house tending to some of his medicinal plants housed within. Positioned parallel to his clinic and apartment complex the small hut’s door faced towards the house whilst the rear faced the darkened forest. Gathering a few supplies into his pack he eagerly awaited the morning for this would be the first day at the academy.

Just as he placed his satchel onto his shoulder a loud knock upon the clinic’s door alerted him of a new arrival. Poking his head out from the green house he beheld his visitors— a young couple with the man sporting a wrapped up bundle that sprawled between his arms. Even from where he was Kohaku could see the looks of concern upon their faces and hear the soft sobbing of the child within the blanket. Approaching them from behind his presences along with his mechanical voice set them off guard.*

Kohaku: 'evening, how may I help you?

*Raising an eyebrow the mid thirties gentleman questioningly overlooked kohaku, however, the concern for his daughter was his main priority.*

Man: I know the clinic is closed but is the doctor still in?
Kohaku: *kindly smiles* yes, I can be.
Man: you-

*Not only had this figure emerged with an austere voice, but he also revealed himself to be the doctor of the clinic. Such a thing was practically unheard of given his extremely young age. Nevertheless the parents did not seem to have many options given the hour of night.*

Kohaku: please, come in.

*Opening the door for them, Kohaku ushered in the young couple to the first floor of the pristine clinic. Setting his backpack onto the floor near the door, he flipped on a light switch illuminating the room. The spacious room was remarkably clean, the back wall was lined with a long cabinet and there were screen dividers pushed against the wall ready to be drawn to ensure a patient’s privacy throughout the room. Escorting them to one of the examination tables within the room filled with a couple of rows of them, the man placed his young child onto the table.

With a slight whimper the girl sat upon the table and once she was free of her blanket kohaku was able to diagnose her problem at a mere glance. She was about seven years of age, with multiple scrapes upon her exposed legs as well as on her chin and arm. One of her arms was twisted into an odd position, and tears were streaming down her face. Kohaku stepped forwards towards her, due to his short height he was able to be at her level just by standing near the elevated table; she drew back in partial fear, causing Kohaku to compassionately smirk.*

Kohaku: my, those are some nasty little cuts you have there.

*The girl at first seemed really shy towards this young teenager; he wasn’t like the other doctors who were always about her father’s age. Plus the sound of his voice startled her for it was the first time she had ever heard something like it However, giving off the aura of an older brother, Kohaku’s kind smile set her slightly at ease.*

Kohaku: may I look at them?

*The little girl merely nodded and unfolded herself slightly from her protected ball. Kohaku gently placed his hand onto the uninjured portion of her leg to examine the scrapes, looking over them to make sure they were just minor before he drew his attention to her arm.*

Kohaku: I take it these are the result of a fall?
Father: yes. She fell from a tree in our backyard.
Mother: is her arm broken?

*Kohaku turned his attention to the concerned parents before looking back at the girls arm, gingerly picking it up, studying it. The little girl winced causing him to look at her.*

Kohaku: I’m sorry, did that hurt?
Girl: ye-yeah.
Kohaku: did it hurt when I moved it? Or when I first touched it?
Girl: *holding back her tears trying to have a brave face* when it moved.
Kohaku: I see… its just dislocated.

*Her mother looked at her daughter with compassionate eyes, for her parents both knew the doctor would have to relocated the arm, which is typically very painful.*

Kohaku: so tell me, what happened?
Girl: *sniffle* I was trying to get Mr. fluffy to come inside to go to bed.
Kohaku: Mr. fluffy?
Woman: he’s our cat.
Kohaku: oh, I see.
Girl: but my foot slipped, and I fell down…now my arm wont stop hurting.

*Kohaku merely nodded while he maintained his charming grin with one hand remaining upon her arm.*

Kohaku: *chuckles* it will be alright…would you like to see a trick? You wouldn’t happen to like flowers would you?

*Nodding her head slightly, Kohaku reached into his pocket and withdrew a small seed. Placing into the table next to her he released her arm within his hand and began to form a couple of hand seals.*

Kohaku: watch this-

*Completing the last seal Kohaku’s hands began to emit a greenish glow of chakra. Startling the girl she drew back slightly, however, kohaku offered his hand to her for her to touch it. Hesitantly she tapped his palm with her fingertips before drawing her uninjured arm away.*

Kohaku: you see, its fine…but, that is only part of the trick.

*Skillfully placing his left hand onto her injured arm unnoticed he leaned forwards and extended his right towards her thus providing a distraction.*

Kohaku: would you please place that seed into my palm?

*Doing as she was asked with a childlike sense of amazement she dropped the seed into his glowing palm, waiting in anticipation to see what would happen. Sitting dormant for a couple of seconds suddenly the seed shifted slightly and cracked. A small glowing green sprout began to emerge from the tiny seed, twisting and growing from seemingly thin air the young little plant began to spread its roots as it’s stalk reached into the air. Fascinated by the spectacle even the parents were silent as a bud on the tip of the plant emerged and along with the newly sprouted leaves unraveled to reveal a pale pink, sweetpea flower.

Just as quickly as the glow had emerged it faded away leaving only the young plant resting in his palm. The child’s eyes were as wide as her smile upon her face.*

Kohaku: this is for you,

*Lifting the arm within his left hand, he carefully placed the plant into her formerly injured arm. Much to her surprise when he moved it, it no longer felt any pain and upon closer examination, whilst they all were fixated upon the growth of the plant her scrapes had disappeared as well. The glowing green chakra upon his hands was actually the healing form of chakra, unrelated to the growth of the plant. The plant instead proved to be a useful distraction and gift to the formerly sobbing girl.*

Kohaku: see, I told you it would be alright. When you get home, if you plant this little guy he will continue to grow.

*Her little grin widened as she became fixated with examining her new flower. Her parents were both dumfounded and delighted by the events before them. This visit had transpired differently than they had imagined, for they originally came here fearing the worse. Stepping back from the child Kohaku was greeted by a pat on the back as well as a handshake from the father, for the mother was preoccupied hugging her little girl.*

Father: I can’t even thank you enough. I’m sorry we bothered you at such an hour but…that was remarkable. I’ve never seen anything like that.

*Kohaku returned the handshake and followed the man’s gesture so that they could step aside to talk business.*

Kohaku: you’re too kind… it was nothing really. You were just worried about her.
*The man nodded with a grin and a slight sigh of relief.*
Father: yeah, you have no idea…anyway, how much do I owe you?
Kohaku: nothing…it was an easy fix.

*The father was taken back by this young man’s generosity; not only had be welcomed them into his home past daylight hours, but he also helped their daughter without the expectation of payment.*

Father: surely-
Kohaku: Please, don’t worry about it. Children are free of charge in my clinic…just make sure to get her home before she is late for her bedtime. Children need their rest, as do their parents.
Father: if you won't let be pay you, at least let me thank you again.

*Kohaku merely nodded before bowing his head slightly.*
Kohaku: it was my pleasure.

*Stepping away from Kohaku, the father scooped up his little girl once again into his arms, with a squeal of glee from her; the mother had the blanket folded in her arms as Kohaku escorted them back to the front door. Waving over her father’s shoulder, kohaku returned the young child’s wave as the trio disappeared down the street from whence they came. Flipping the light switch once more, the room became consumed in darkness as Kohaku shut the door and locked it before ascending the stairs to his apartment above.*

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*Sitting upon the corner of the rooftop, the folds of his elegant robe shifted in the nightly breeze as the young dragon looked over the city of Lincere. From this tiled rooftop he could clearly see the Palace in the Forbidden City despite its distance from the capital. With his feet dangling over the edge, Shen leaned back onto his hands and brought his gaze away from the distance place with a sigh.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps against the tiles alerted Shen of a new arrival. Glancing over his shoulder he was at ease when he merely saw one of his servants ascend onto the roof. Bowing as they approached they kneeled directly behind Shen. Clearing their throat as he turned away, choosing instead to study the night’s sky rather than their expression.*

Servant: my lord, a message came from the palace.

Shen:…and, what did it entail?

*Unfolding the letter, from over his shoulder Shen could hear the servant undoing the thick wax seal placed upon the pamphlet—no doubt it was a message from his parents if it bore the imperial seal. Three weeks had passed since his arrival to Lincere after that ill fated day, and this happened to be the third letter he received since then.*

Servant: ah, its written in the hand of the Empress…she asks that you return home…*skimming the letter* and that she is deeply concerned about you. She tries to convince you to abandon your pursuit of becoming a shinobi. Instead, she beeches you to return, claiming that nothing will bring her more joy.

Shen: …Yet, it says nothing about amending their last decree.

Servant: no sire…nothing of that sort.

Shen: then my decision still stands.

Servant: shall I not send them a response?

Shen:…silence will suit just fine as an answer.

*Looking onwards at the astounding resolve of his lord, the servant began to fold up the letter once more. Though only a few of them had left with the prince upon the night he stormed out of the palace, those that had were his most trusted and loyal. It was a grievous mistake to deny this lord his birthright and instead hand over so carelessly the royal birthright to an illegitimate and infant son of the emperor, who’s birth was most impractical and questionable. Yet, that announcement wouldn’t be made public until the gala in a few months time.

A cool breeze brought the servant back to his senses as he realized Shen was merely sitting in his airy night garbs upon the roof. The long white hair acted as a reminder as to why such an unfortunate proclamation had been made, yet the steadfast shoulders and confidently raised head upon which the hair rested seemed to contradict the previous. Nevertheless, as the hour grew late, the servant had to at least suggest the following, due to the consideration of his lord.*

Servant: Sir, if I may, wouldn’t it be best if you retired for the evening? Given what tomorrow is, it would be behooving to be in your best condition-

*Curtly cutting off his servant, Shen’s tone suddenly became extremely icy. For the young lord knew exactly what the diplomatic servant was hinting at and it only served to irritate him that such matters would be brought up without cause.*

Shen: I’m fine…*changing his tone to a calmer one after a sigh* I will be in momentarily…if that is all, you are dismissed.

Servant: yes my lord. May you rest well. *Bows*

*Just as the servant rose from his bow Shen turned to face him.*

Shen: just a moment.

*Looking up awaiting his order, surprisingly Shen rose to his feet and walked over to where the servant knelt next to the hidden door on the roof. Extending down his hand with his palm facing up, Shen’s cool expression emulated his neutral tone.*

Shen: hand me the letter.

*Doing as he was asked, the parcel passed from one hand to another. The multiple page, hand written document, was on traditional style paper, and written in fountain pen. Looking down once more at his servant, Shen gave the slightest of nods before turning away.*

Shen: good night.

*Finally being relieved for the night, the servant quickly disappeared down the stairs, the door to the roof closed quietly behind him. Holding the parchment in hand, Shen unfolded it to examine the handwriting. Indeed it was written in the hand of his mother, he recognized her penmanship immediately. Unexpectedly he also noticed that in various areas the ink had smudged in an abnormal fashion…tears had actually splashed against this page as she wrote it.*

Shen: nothing has ever been solved through tears.

*Outstretching his arm, he opened his palm for the letter to be nestled within. Flexing his fingers slightly, a small spark shot through the page igniting it immediately. Within seconds the paper became consumed in flames and collapsed onto itself. Dropping the ashes and smoldering pieces into the breeze, Shen’s pale eye looked on at the night lit city with a vacant expression.*

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Friki Tiki

Friki Tiki
Early dawn in Lincere, a young man races across the city.

He wore a black hooded jacket with a grey undershirt, a black skull cap with thin bangs of black hair hanging out of said cap. His forehead protector is stitched into his skull cap. His facial complexion has some signs of stubble to it, making himself appear older than he actually is (though his height says otherwise). He has on loose and somewhat baggy grey jeans to keep his punk look going while, at the same time, not constricting his leg movement during combat. He also wears bandages wrapped around his hands with an “X” drawn on each knuckle which seems to be the feature he is most proud of.

With exceptional speed and agility, he easily sped past the slower early birds of this morning. When the route via sidewalk wasn’t convenient enough, the master of parkour ran up a nearby fence and, from there, leapt atop a building. Continuing his “free-running,” he jumped from rooftop to rooftop until his greatest challenge stood before him. Not slowing down, the young chap made his long vault across the street that intersected his path to the next building rooftop. The city’s pedestrians looked up with awe as the young man practically hovered above them as if time had slowed down until he made it to the next rooftop. Not taking the time to gloat his accomplishment before the civilians, he continues towards his destination. A few wall jumps later, the king of parkour finally arrived to the Lincere Ninja Academy. One shinobi sensei that was taking an early smoking break notices the younger chap running towards the building.

Sensei: My, you’re early kiddo. Classes don’t start for a few more hours…

Katsumi: Don’t let my worn eyes fool you, I’m straight edge. I am a man of great discipline. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I won’t even subject myself to the toxins of caffeine. My addiction is becoming the best shinobi there ever was. A role model, the people can truly be proud of. My name is Katsumi Shuuyou.

Not bothering to hear the response from one of his teachers, Katsumi walks past the baffled sensei and prepares to leave. But not before turning back to him.

Katsumi: You shouldn’t smoke, that stuff can kill you.


Meanwhile in the basement of the ninja academy, one of the veteran teachers, Satoru Yuudoku was working in his personal chemistry lab, brewing new liquids. He wears a tattered and hooded robe. He also wears a pair of metal gloves for multiple purposes, including this one. But his most interesting feature is the unique gas mask that completely covers his face, leaving it all to the imagination. He also seems to have a habit of deep wheezing .

Satoru: Let’s... *wheeze* …see what happens when I mix… *wheeze* …cattle milk infected with white snakeroot and grounded deadly nightshade…

Assistant: Sato-sensei! I brought you the herbs you sent those genin to retrieve last week!

Satoru: Excellent… *wheeze* …put them in those cabinets over there…

Assistant: Right over he-


The assistant jumped back with surprise from the outburst of the robed man in the gas mask. He carefully backs away from the round objects after carefully placing the herbs that the ninja students had recently collected.

Satoru: … *wheeze* …Those gas bombs could get into the vents… *wheeze* …and will potentially kill everyone in the school…

Assistant: My apologies sir…

Trying to ease the tension, the assistant changes the subject.

Assistant: Satoru-sama, by the way, I hear you have been selected to be one of the senseis for the new batch of squads in the near future. This would be your first time, correct?

Satoru: …*wheeze*… yes… I…*wheeze* …I never worked with kids before…

Assistant: Aww come on Satoru-sama, you’re plenty approachable to them.

Satoru only glared back at him through the gas mask.

Assistant: …I’ll be leaving now…

Satoru: *Sigh* Where was I?

The robed man in the gas mask continues back to his work.

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*One week prior*

Incense candles burned brightly before the remains of an ancient gravesite. Kneeling before the recently cleaned stone memorial was a young man, his face displayed a bitter-sweet look, smiling, yet his gaze revealed a heavyhearted mournful look. Encrusted within each of his vibrant royal-purple eyes was the mentality of an adult, as well as the unyielding resolve and ardent pride of someone reborn, freed from the shackles that bound him to Coronova. Placing his hand over the shrine’s cold surface, the boy whispered,

Yoshida: I’ll be going now, Grandfather. Rest assured, I’ll visit again soon…wish me luck.

Yoshida was clearly detached from most individuals, distant, even. Nevertheless, he never once showcased any sign of loneliness. It was accustomed for him to have times of personal solitude, but never to such a degree. Since the day he lost his Grandfather, an itching feeling clawed the back of the boy’s psyche. Desperation was interchanged with rage and sorrow. He was at a complete loss, not knowing what to do with his current predicament.

It was only after he attempted to follow in his father’s footsteps did he realize what he truly wanted to do with his life. It had brought him to his senses; he wished to become a shinobi – not a politician. He was unwilling to remain weak and powerless. He desired strength, the ability to fight for what he believed in, for those he wished to protect, as his Grandfather had before him.

…Or to reach a new summit altogether.

Hence, he took it upon himself to cast aside whatever uncertainty his soul held and strive for the future. He had left his family, his home, the great city of Coronova. Turning his back, he faced away from the grave, and began walking, shielding his eyes from the intense light of the rising sun, towards his future, in Lincere.

The boy closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath, he exhaled and spoke,

Yoshida: I know it may seem childish of me, but I wish you were still here, Grandfather. I look forward to the future, and yet I’m uncertain of what it might bring. We’re simply chess pieces in the march of time…Despite this, I will strive to be everything you had hoped I would be. Goodbye, Yoshitsune…and thank you for everything.

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*Almost one month prior*

"Isshin Karasu, for the pursuit of treason against the government, and furthermore the Emperor, amongst numerous similar crimes including but not limited to violent demonstrations of anarchy and the encouragement of and participation in uprisings against said government, I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment with absolutely no possibility of parole. You will serve out the remainder of your days in the frozen prison of Verashii."

The judge brought down his gavel without hesitation, the mortifying sound echoing throughout the courtroom, followed by what felt like a deafening silence. The spectators were terrified of making even the slightest hint of noise, none wanting to be the one to shatter the fragile atmosphere and bring unwanted attention to themselves.

Karasu, who had not raised his gaze throughout the entire proceedings looked up from the stand, his eyes meeting those of his three subordinates. Holding back his emotions, he wanted to explode, the psychological pain he was being forced to endure felt like it was ripping his heart and soul to pieces. Every breath he struggled to take, it was torture to be in such a situation. He took a few seconds to face them all at once from afar whilst they tried to give him consoling, comforting looks in an attempt to make the process even a fraction easier for him. He finally reached the man he had known as "3", who stared back at him with a spiteful grin. Karasu noticed it and stood completely still, shocked. What could it mean? Why was he smiling? The man silently mouthed the words "Goodbye, trash." before turning and leaving the room.

Karasu's eyes widened, had he really said what he thought? There must be some mistake? The man who he was taking the fall for... could it be that he had set him up to be betrayed and sold out to the government all along? Without even a second's warning, one of the guards clamped the chains and various other restraints back onto Karasu's arms and legs, preventing him from being able to escape. Karasu was brought back to reality only by the sound of the locks clicking into place. He turned back to face his best friend in an attempt to warn him, but was interrupted as one of the guards started to move him along to be transported to the prison. He attempted once more to lock eyes with his team, but it was too late, they were now out of view from his position. This was it. The great revolutionary leader, Isshin Karasu's life of freedom was coming to an end...

*A few days after*

"Hurry up, trash, get into your cage!" Shouted one of the prison guards. He punched Karasu in the stomach and then knocked him to the ground. "The great revolutionary leader, where are you wings of freedom now eh?" The guard continued, mocking Karasu. He kicked him in the side, making him cough up a few drops of blood which joined the existing collection which stained the prison floor and painted portions of the walls. "Dumb shit!" The guard yelled, stamping on Karasu's back as he tried to conjure up the energy to get to his feet. Karasu supressed his body's desire to cry out in pain. The guard spat on him and kicked him again, this time in the face. He then called out to his colleague who came over and stood over Karasu.

The Verashii prison was imfamous for the way it treated those unfortunate enough to end up there. The guards weren't just cruel, it was a whole other level of torture. Only a small handful of the inmates died of natural causes. The rest were beaten to death, starved to death, or ended up slitting their own throats. No records were ever kept, and there were never any survivors capable of telling of their abuse.

The two guards started laughing to eachother, their cruelty knowing no bounds. Karasu looked upwards from the ground, seeing their horrifying intentions reflected in their eyes and facial expressions. They each took one of Karasu's arms, he was now too weak and ruthlessly beaten to defend himself. Karasu closed his eyes, almost knowing what was surely to come next. The guards twisted his arms, the elbows facing upwards towards the ceiling. Holding his wrists and forearms firmly, they each took their turn and stamped downards on his elbows, snapping the bones and breaking both of his arms. Karasu finally let out a scream, the pain was unbearable, he felt like he was going to pass out. The guards continued laughing, the volume of their mocking increasing. They then tossed Karasu into his cell and firmly closed the door and the shutter, leaving him in total darkness, completly void of his senses. He wasn't sure what happened after that as he couldn't see nor hear them through the solid door of his cell. He was unsure whether he was conscious, whether he was alive. He hoped he was alive. He wished nothing more at that time than to return the treatment he had been subjected to moments earlier one thousand fold. It was unsure what happened after this incident, as no screams, stories or inmates ever left the confines of the hell known as Verashii prison.

Corebalt: " And Karasu's Furret sweep'd my entire team. Embarassed "

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*Current Day: Morning.*

Left? No Right… Maybe left is better? Hm. Left seemed to be a bit more comfortable. Luka Roggero, had difficulty in figuring out which way to lay his head across his school desk. He had arrived far too early to school, and now needed to past the time… What a better way to do so, than sleep?

He fidgeted with each turn. All thanks to a dare he had with Caleb Mugarra, he had shaved his head; and now his scalp fell victim to the scratchiness of his midnight colored skullcap. He grimaced as the remainder of his hair, a small tuft on the front of his forehead, became bunched up under his hat.

He pouted as he fixed his hair to dangle properly under his hat. Amped up from the thoughts of learning more advanced shinobi skills, he had rushed to the academy at the break of dawn. To his dismay however, no one else had the same enthusiasm. Luka rested back into his chair, shrugging at the thought of how many “slackers” he must be in class with…

“I guess we all can’t be champions,” Luka said smiling to himself.

Luka’s red hot button-up fell open leaving his plain white t-shirt exposed. He inserted his hands into his denim jeans, and proceeded to fall asleep resting against the back of his chair – forgetting his previous decision to lay his head down. The class was currently empty – giving him all of the quietness he needed.

“I wonder… what Cal… is up to…” Luka murmured as he drifted off into his nap.

He could just barely hear the morning air sweep through the classroom’s opened windows.

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Friki Tiki

Friki Tiki
Katsumi: No we can't...

...was what the straight edge shinobi responded to Luka's champions remark. Luka, breaking from his intended nap, turned his head around to the back of classroom to see Katsumi casually resting in the very back of the room.

Katsumi: 'Sup? Its nice to know that others have some self-discipline to fully prep themselves for class before the masses get here. My name is Katsumi. Yours?

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Luka smirked, so he was wrong. He had some competition. He rubbed his eyes quickly, shaking off his sleepiness.

"Roggero. Roggero, Luka. And ditto." Luka responded cheerfully, laughing as he finished.

Wanting to acknowledge Katsumi properly, Luka turned around to sit in his seat reversed. Before he rested his forearms on the top edge of the chair - Luka threw up his shoulders sarcastically.

"I guess we're already ahead of pack," Luka continued.


Elsewhere, the same morning air that entered the classroom, was running Riona Bayonette’s body ragged; intentionally of course. To her, the best time to train was in the morning – as the air was saturated with morning dew, making recuperation all the more difficult. She stood a few yards in front of the last wooden stake in her estate’s large meadow, the rest recently splintered into pieces…

She happened to be testing a new technique – one that belonged exclusively to her older sister. The taijutsu move was one of the many hidden techniques that have survived the Bayonetta lineage: “The Buddhist Iron Palm.” A technique that apparently is even too much for the steadfast Riona…

Her posture was now failing, as her shoulders rose and fell with each breathe. She could feel beads of sweat trickle down her cheek and freeze from the morning air. Riona’s younger sisters, a pair of twins, watched on eagerly from their house.

With a sudden wince, indicating her next attack, she began her assault. She brought her left arm back into a fist, and held out her right arm in a straightened posture… And then: “Whoosh!” The skin on her face seemed to peel off rising into the air and bursting, revealing tanned glistening skin underneath; her hair rose, fiery in movement, and fell nearly instantaneously as she launched a large chakra wave from the her left hand. Opened to reveal her palm and thrust forward, switching positions with her right arm.

The blast was tremendous, but missed the target by a few feet – instead grazing the side of the wooden pole, sending splinters everywhere.

“Damn it!” Riona stuttered, beginning to fall over but catching herself before she could fall to her knees… her skin returned to normal.

Her sisters had stifled their gasp, instead turning to look at each other excitedly. Although Riona has missed she could at least fire off the technique…

"Failure isn't an option!" Riona yelled furiously.

Riona quickly threw her leg forward, releasing a large torrent of wind - instantly blasting the wooden stake apart. Riona's breathe settled quickly - her temper cooling... her sisters were alarmed, but that had happened many times already during the course of the morning.

Riona looked down at her hands, contemplating her actions - and the ever expanding gap between her and Lizbeth. She gritted her teeth before crossing the field to enter her home. She had to freshen up before class...

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*A few days after Karasu's imprisonment: Night*

[Karasu's subordinates meet to decide on a plan of action]

The tallest building in the city of Lincere, an accepted landmark as well as the main headquarters for the largest banking corporation in the region. Sune stood silent on the roof, keeping to the shadows where the moonlight failed to reach. He was dressed in a black cloak, the hood completely covering the upper half of his face, reaching down to just below his eyes. This was the attire he always wore when meeting with his team-mates. He was a few minutes early.

A few moments passed, seeing the arrival of the second member of Karasu's assassination squad. The tall, muscular shinobi known only as "4" made his way past Sune, silently acknowledging his presence, and took a seat atop an external air ventilation unit. He placed the tip of his enormous sword on the surface of the roof, resting the handle gently against his left knee and shin. He sat perfectly still as he, along with his comrade, waited for the final appearance to be made.

"Good evening" called out a voice from behind them, the wait was over. Sune moved out of the shadows and pulled down his hood, revealing his face to the other two. It was evident from his haggard appearance that he had not been able to sleep properly since Karasu was taken away. 4 dropped down from where he was sitting and stretched. The third member was now within mere metres from the others, his speed increased slightly.

"So, I've thought of a way we might be able to rescue Karasu..." Sune started, but within seconds, their team-mate known as "3" had drawn two katanas and was readying an attack. 4 had noticed and moved swiftly, blocking the attack on himself and Sune just in time. Changing the position of his hands on the handle slightly, he used his incredible strength to repel 3's blades and send him a few metres backwards, creating a slight gap between them.

Sune was understandably confused, and would likely have been fatally injured if not for 4's prompt intervention. A slight sadistic grin appeared across 4's face. He had already judged the attacker's strength and was evidently amused. He readied his blade, awaiting the next strike. Condescending laughter filled the air. A slight breeze blew and then vanished again, as if it had never existed at all. The air vent upon which 4 had previously been sitting creaked before splitting in half horizontally, the top half landing on the surface of the roof, causing a slight vibration to emanate throughout the surrounding tiles. Sune hadn't even noticed the slash that had severed it...

"Though I don't owe you two an explanation, I feel that you should at least know the reason for your death tonight. I am the fifth most powerful shinobi in the Emperor's personal elite guard. He sent me to infiltrate your squad, gain the trust of your captain and arrange for his arrest. The imprisonment was up to the Emperor himself, using his heavy influence on the courts. Now that my first mission is complete, I will carry out my second. Tonight, I will end your lives." The shinobi stated coldly. Gripping his katanas tightly in his hands, he began his next attack...

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Friki Tiki

Friki Tiki
Katsumi casually removes his own skullcap to scratch his itching scalp before putting it back on.

Katsumi: Anywho... We're getting put into squads pretty soon and no longer will have to be pushing pencils in this place any longer. Clearly a tough call for me on which sensei I would wanna work under. No way would I wanna learn under mister chemicals downstairs and not keen on a father sensei who could possibly play favorites. So my preference would be iffy. Any sensei you, yourself have in mind?


Meanwhile in the Academy Basement, Satoru Yuudoku finished packing up his final brews of the morning and was fixing to leave. Suddenly, the gas masked shinobi sensed a presence approach him.

Satoru: *wheeze* ...ANBU...

As if on cue, an ANBU black ops soldier appeared before him.

Satoru: To what... *wheeze* do I who this pleasure to?

ANBU: Satoru Yuudoku, against the city of Lincere's better judgement, this academy has chosen you as one of the senseis to the new forming squads in the new future...

Satoru: ...I assure you... *wheeze* I pulled no strings to this... *wheeze* arrangement...

ANBU: That may be... but don't think one good deed absolves a sinner into becoming a saint. You are still under close watch, you'd be wise not let old habits die hard.

Through the green lensed gas mask, Satoru scowled at his fellow masked shinobi before brushing him off.

Satoru: ...I assure you... *wheeze* my ties to "him"... *wheeze* have been severed...

ANBU: We will be watching you... Satoru...

With that, the ANBU black ops shinobi disappeared leaving Satoru with his gaze still in a glare. He then gave a wheezing sigh before zipping up his satchel of brews before leaving his chemical lab.

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"Stay out of this Sune." the shinobi known as 4 stated. His voice was calm, yet contained an abundance of authority. Sune agreed, knowing that the shinobi who had been masquerading as their team-mate was far more physically skilled than himself. Sune was highly skilled in the arts of genjutsu and strategy, but he simply could not compare to the likes of Karasu and 4 in physical combat. Quickly putting distance between his comrade and himself, Sune turned to check how the battle was evolving.

The imposter was slashing away at 4 relentlessly and without hesitation, though all of his strikes had so far been blocked successfully. Quickly resheathing one of his katanas, he was able to conjure up a jutsu using handseals from only his left hand. A considerable amount of lightning chakra encompassed his hand, ceaselessly sparking and surging in attempts to escape the master shinobi's control, but to no avail. With one katana stalling 4's massive sword, the shinobi pointed two fingers forward and shot a blast of lightning straight through 4's right shoulder, immobilizing it instantly and forcing his arm to drop limp to his side. Blood spurted out from the wound and trickled downwards, descending 4's arm. With only one functioning arm, 4 freed his sword and swept it around in front of him, forcing his opponent to step back a few feet.

Sune, watching his comrade's struggle from a safe distance noticed a controlled blast of lightning shoot by him, piercing through 4's shoulder on its course. His eyes widened with fear, never having seen his team-mate be injured to such an extent before so early within the first few minutes of a battle. Fear rose up inside of him and began twisting his thoughts. ("I don't want to lose another friend...") , the single thought that resounded off the walls of his mind, making him drop to his knees. He had been told not to interfere, but he couldn't simply sit back and watch his comrade's life be brought to an end...

"'The hell are you looking so smug about?! I guess you never got a chance to witness my kekkai genkai in action..." 4 called out to his adversary. His sadistic smile had not yet left his face but, in fact, appeared to be getting larger. Suddenly, the blood which was pouring out of the wound stopped, and the hole in his shoulder began to close up, followed moments later by the outer layer of skin. Flexing his fingers, followed by the rest of his hand and arm, 4 moved his second hand back to the handle of his blade. It appeared as though his injuries had healed themselves...

"Interesting... your body uses up chakra to quickly cauterize the blood vessels and, by the looks of it, the rest of your body and skin... That's quite impressive." The traitor commented with an expression of intrigue present on his face. Re-drawing his second katana, the shinobi prepared himself again.

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Current Day: Morning (Inside the Bayonetta Manor.)

Riona walked to her room, completely naked, her skin still moist after the quick shower. Her only use of her towel was to hurriedly dry her hair… Riona was never one to experience shame: “Shyness is for the weak.”

“My you’ve grown quite a bit, love,” said a mysterious voice emanating from behind Riona.

Riona turned to view her guest, her modesty non-existent. Sitting on one of drawers located in the corner of the room, was the much older sister of hers: Lizbeth Bayonette. Her legs were crossed in a somewhat seductive matter, her smooth legs exposed to the world thanks to her tight fitting shorts. Lizbeth’s arms were draped in unattached sleeves, and she wore an azure dress that split into tails right before her legs…

“Lizbeth. How unexpected,” Riona responded coolly as she finished drying her hair.

“Indeed. I didn’t expect it myself actually,” Lizbeth replied smiling, “So how are things?”

Riona threw her towel onto her bed, turning away from Lizbeth to grab the nearby bottle of lotion…

“Fine. I am just heading off to class…” Riona said, as she leaned over to open a drawer.

“Oh, excited?” Lizbeth asked warmly, “If you want – I can tell you who your teachers will be.”

Riona smirked to herself as she stood back up. Until now, she was planning on acting cold – as she was still hung up on their power gap. However, Lizbeth had a way of getting to her. Putting on her t-shirt first, she turned to face her older sister once again…

“In the long run, it doesn’t matter who it will be. I’m more excited to finally enter the field…” Riona replied with a slight grin.

“There’s the smile I know and love; I figured I wouldn’t have gotten to see it after this morning…” chuckled Lizbeth.

Riona’s face flushed – as did all of her exposed flesh. Lizbeth had indeed arrived home during Riona’s training session. She had made sure to keep her presence masked as she observed her little sister…

“No worries, love. You did well. You just need a bit more practice in your form,” Lizbeth retorted, jumping on to her feet. “I leave you to get dressed – have a good first day.”

Lizbeth left without looking back, a mere wave of her hand indicating her good-bye. Riona stood there flustered… and oddly amused.

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*The darken clinic soon became consumed by the orange rays of the dawn, the rising sun reflected upon the glass and polished surfaces of the room. From his apartment above, Kohaku had already readied himself before the sun had broken the horizon. Putting on the last of his effects, Kohaku looked into the full-body mirror. Dressed in his humble black jacket and jeans, he fussed with his grey shirt trying to get it to stay down. Adjusting his collar of his jacket, he briefly ran his hand across his exposed scar upon his throat.

He knew all too well how bizarre his mechanical voice sounded and that his scarf did nothing to prevent the questions. However, taking the scarf in hand, he wrapped it around his neck once more, shielding from view the long horizontal scar, which traced the area in between either of his sternocleidomastoid muscles. He could ignore the sound of his own voice—he had grown accustomed to its absence, however, the fixation many had with his scar simply unnerved him.

Shaking his head slightly, his layered hair shifted into its normal position as he scolded himself for over thinking once again. He always had a habit of letting his overactive mind get the better of him, too analytic and fixated upon details; traits that made him a good medic often led him to be introverted and vexed. Yet, that isn't the impression he wanted his new comrades to see.

This would be his first time heading to an academy, he had opted out of many of the required classes due to the multiple test he took in the weeks prior; though, he was placed at the right level for his age group, no test could insert him into the bonds already made between students. In short, he was the odd man out and knew that he had to make up for lost time. Although, it was nice to be in a new surrounding, the city of Lincere held many promises. Donning his charming smirk he turned away from the mirror to examine his highly organized room.*

Kohaku: I’m over thinking things again…this is supposed to be a good day.

*Lifting his straw back from the corner of his already made bed, he shifted it onto his shoulders before descending the stairs to the clinic below and to the door.*

*Making incredible time from his clinic to the school building, he stopped at its entrance to marvel at it’s size. Though it had the appearance of many other schools within Lincere, this building stood apart. For housed within it were not the normal children training to be proper citizens and craftsmen but rather the potential shinobi that would be charged with the purpose to serve, to serve their nation, their leaders and most importantly the people they have vowed to protect. This was a place to hone one’s skills for that very purpose.

Humbly Kohaku made his way through the labyrinth of hallways and eventually arrived at the door, whose number he had already memorized weeks before. Taking in a breath before opening the door to the room, Kohaku quietly shut it behind him as he entered the nearly empty place. None were here at this early hour, save for two already caught in conversation.*

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*The sound of bustling feet scurried through the house as servants ran this way and that busy with the morning preparations. Breakfast had to be made, the grounds had to be cleaned, and the lord had to be prepared and tended to. Ever since they had left the palace the tasks of up keeping this humble three-story cottage, located towards the south east of Lincere, had been simple yet taxing all the same. However, those servants that had followed Shen, did so gladly and were relieved to be away from the hostile palace. Having purchased this tiny, three-story, three and two half bath, six-bedroom abode over a year ago with his own income, none of them ever had expected to be living here on a permanent basis. Shen had merely used this place whenever he visited the city on holidays or for business trips. Now, it had become a place of refugee for him and his handful of servants.

Sitting upon his chair within his study, Shen aimlessly strummed a tune on his shamesen with his eyes closed. Lost in thought, to him his servants paraded around like moths to flame, each fluttering to a different task as they saw fit. How frivolous and unnecessary their actions were, yet they continued to perform them without command. Though he had no need for them, they were at times a great convenience.

One pulled forth his robe from the closet for the day, another opened the windows and tidied up the room and the last within the room stood behind the seated lord and ran a comb through his white, silk like hair. Careful not to disturb the dragon as the servant combed it’s mane, the dragon continued to pluck the instrument filling the surrounding area with a slight tune.

With swift feet a fourth servant entered the room, carrying a pamphlet of papers with him. Sticking the feather into the lord’s topknot and securing it on the other side with the bead and tassel, the female servant bowed before stepping away. Clearing his throat the new arrival took to one knee and began to lay the papers before him. Opening his pale grey eyes, Shen looked on at the man with a stare that was only rivaled in coldness to a winter breeze—meant to cut through one to the bone.*

Servant: my lord, *bows* I have some papers for you to look through at your leisure…some of which will require your signature.

Shen: Place them on my desk; I shall look at them upon my return…none are of pressing affairs?
Servant: yes sire, all can wait.

*Looking down at his instrument again, Shen continued to play the same expressionless tune. Neither sadness nor joy flowed from those cords, just an overwhelming sense of nothingness. It was almost as if no tune at all had been played for it left the listener without a single impression.*

Shen: how are the other arrangements?

Servant: everything is in proper order, as you have designated…the scholars you solicited to examine the legal matter you are interested in have begun to prepare their report. It shall be on your desk before the sun expires.

Shen: may they find good news… Thank you for the report.

*Fidgeting slightly where he knelt, the servant had an uneasy feeling about this day. Here their only lord was to embark unescorted amongst the commoners. Though he had always been known for doing such, it wasn’t under these circumstances. It didn’t sit well with him that their prince had so rashly decided to undertake such a dramatic change in his life. Becoming a shinobi was to plunge into a world beyond that of the Forbidden City. Shen had been much like a visitor to the world; like a ghost, drifting from place to place, experiencing a culture for a while but with time he would fade away and leave unfazed and never truly connected. Though he feared the response, the servant still mustered his courage and spoke.*

Servant: my lord, how certain are you regarding this latest endeavor?…must you become a shinobi in order to—

*Snapping one of the strings upon the instrument Shen merely placed his hand against the vibrating cord, snuffing out the last unpleasant breath it uttered to sing.*

Shen: the bow has been drawn; all that remains is to release it…

*Rising from his chair, only to place the instrument where he once sat, Shen gracefully seemed float due to his already billowing garbs over to where his coat had been laid out. Briskly placing it on his shoulders careful not to disturb any of the concealed items within. Casting his gaze directly at the kneeling man, though the lord was considerably younger than him, the resolve Shen held greatly surpassed the man’s experience through time.*

Shen: your lack of confidence is to be expected with your station. However, be cautious and not to doubt me in the same fashion as the Emperor. Otherwise, my pride will not hesitate to strike you down as well. I will not falter.

*Bowing extremely low, almost so that his head hit against the polished floor, the servant began to collect the papers.*

Servant: my apologies my lord…it was not through a lack of confidence in my lord that I posed such a question.

*Responding with the slightest of nods, Shen made his way to the door, to the surprise of his servants. The closest one to him, the one that had withdrawn the coat, was the one who managed to speak first.*

Servant: my lord?

Shen: I’m heading out…to take a walk before the class starts.

*With a flick of white, the dragon disappeared through the thresh hold and down the hallway. Once outside, the warm rising sun was the first to greet the prince. Tucking his arms into his sleeves he embarked on his path, down the cement sidewalk with the long shadows still dancing in-between the buildings as they tried pointlessly to escape the sun’s approach gaze.*

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Miku sat on her bed, sitting in a towel and examining her closet of clothes. Hmm, what to wear today? Gotta make a good impression.

Her father walked into her room. “Miku, are you ready for—Oh jeez sorry!” He turned around quickly.

“It’s fine dad, I’m all covered up.” Miku said. “I’m trying to figure out what to wear for the first day at the academy.”

Her father kept his back turned and inched out of the room. “Anything you wear will be beautiful I’m sure. But please be a little modest. You take after your mother a little too much sometimes.” He laughed and walked out of the room with a heavy sigh.

I wonder if he still misses mom...Miku continued to ponder the clothes in her closet before finding an outfit she found entertaining. Define…modesty. She giggled to herself.

Miku made her way to Lincere. It wasn’t too long of a trip. Her father had taught her some useful teleportation techniques that he developed. She approached the gates in moments. The men at the gates kept their posture still, but their eyes deceived them. As Miku passed, she noticed them cracking grins.

Pervs. She smiled but it quickly faded. She continued to make her way to the academy. Class would be starting soon. Walking through the halls, she looked at each room number as she passed several doors. Jeez, where is it?

Passing another door, Miku looked down at her hand. Scribbled ink illustrated a barely readable number. “Oh, great, what is that? A nine?” Miku walked into a random room, hoping to find the right one. After walking into a few empty and awkward rooms, she found herself in a room with only a few people in it.

The boys in the room looked her way when she opened the door. Their eyes fixated on her face, covered by a cloth. She pulled it down slowly, leading the boys down her neck. Her shoulders fell gently, holding up fishnet that somewhat exposed her bust. A mini skirt accentuated her hips, with tight shorts underneath.

“Hi there,” Miku said. “Uhm, I’m not sure if I’m in the right room…Do any of you know who the sensei is for this class? I didn’t get a name.”

A boy cleared his throat. Hair stuck out from underneath a dark cap. “I didn’t either. I think they just picked a guy at random.”

“Oh…I wonder who we have.”

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*Sitting almost dead center of the room and slightly to the back, Kohaku had managed to slip pass the two students conversing and managed to set his back down behind the chair and desk. Turning his head when the new arrival burst through the door, he thought for a moment to keep silent and simply leave her to her own devices, but after her question he couldn’t leave a fellow student out to dry.

Shifting in his chair slightly, Kohaku stood to welcome the new arrival. The sound of a odd voice reached her ears before the noise of a chair scooting across the floor.*

Kohaku: 'morning, this is class A-7, upper class of the academy…I don’t believe any of us received our instructors name for this homeroom, but, by chance, is this the place you were looking for? By the way, I’m Kohaku.

*The mechanical voice echoed quietly yet it possessed an exceedingly kind tone. Particular care was used in the formation of his words, especially those pertaining many vowels. A slight hiss of air passing through the internal device could be heard between his pause. There was truly something off about the voice, though it mimicked a normal one, certain characteristics truly set it apart.

Yet, the kind expression of the teen that possessed it seemed to mask the austere nature. Though she was only an inch or so shorter than him, Kohaku still bowed his head ever so slightly in a greeting as he righted himself a smirk spread across his face.*

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Miku outstretched her hand when she noticed Kohaku bow. She retracted her arm and bowed in return. “I’m Miku Akashi,” she said. Miku tried to displace her focus from the boy’s throat and his voice. Instead she looked into his eyes, feeling that eye contact was a better plan. “I’m from the Aurora clan. I’ve travelled a bit to get here, but it wasn’t too bad.”

The room started to fill with other students wandering into the class room. Some lost and in the wrong room. Miku looked around at her fellow students. “Hmm…oh jeez, I hope my dad didn’t mean this was his surprise…” She began to blush and looked a little nervous. This isn’t going to do me any good as a new ninja ; _ ;

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Friki Tiki

Friki Tiki
After ending his casual exchange of words with Luka, Katsumi sets his sights on the rest of the students that enter the classroom.

Katsumi: Looks like the rest of the rabble are stampeding in...

One by one, the straight edge shinobi inspects each new student stepping into the classroom, trying to pick apart everything he can detect from them just by the appearance. He gives a quick gaze at Miku, who was a few seats away from him.

Katsumi: That must be Shi-sensei's kid. Doesn't seem to live up to her father though...

Katsumi then gave a quick look behind him at the student in the back of the room.

Katsumi: And that's that Kohaku guy...

The parkour specialized than gave a sigh and casually rested his feet on the desk.

Katsumi: Not too many peers really stand out do they?

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*NOTE* This was a collab post done via an msn chat concerning the dialogue between the characters. No control was given solely to an individual and this was posted with the character’s owner’s permission. Please reframe from assuming command over another’s character(s), without their approval.

*Studying her face as well, Kohaku could read her expression quite easily. Her nervousness was as plain as day, yet, being the kind medic he was he wouldn’t call her out on it. Instead, such a sense of pure concern for their road ahead was refreshing, a gaze that didn’t know mistrust; he no longer held such a fleeting thing. Smiling warmly, he began to walk over to his desk, however, not before he gave her a slight nod to follow. There were plenty of desks empty still where he had chosen to sit, and the hour was still young. Their sensei wouldn’t be here for awhile, thus idle chatter couldn’t harm anything.*

Kohaku: The Aurora clan, hmm, you’ll have to forgive me… but I’ve only recently opened my clinic here, so I’m still getting used to names.

*Following the gesture, Miku walked over to where Kohaku had formerly been sitting. The window next to them revealed the darkened, rain-clad field, where she and her father usually warm up for training. Before choosing a seat, Miku cracked the window slightly to let in the breeze. Though the storm had calmed, the stead beat of rain continued.*

Miku: this place has a lot of history…

*Taking a seat near the window, Kohaku followed in suit and returned to his own preselected chair. Shoving his backpack out of the way with his foot once more. Studying her actions, she seemed to reminisce about this place. Following her gaze from the window, he knew all too well how a place could carry memories yet he earnestly hoped they were the sort worth carrying.*

Kohaku: I hope they are pleasant memories? I gather you’ve been here before?

Miku: Yes, I live not too far from the area… I wouldn't really know where to start.

*Taking the opportunity to scan the classroom, Miku’s gaze shifted from student to student, yet she was drawn back to her converser. His chakra flow seemed off, using her ability as a sensor she analyzed the room.*

Miku: hmm, do you know anything about the medical chakra?

*Sitting back into his chair, Kohaku turned his head slightly. Such a question would have never been asked from where he had traveled from for all there knew him to be a medical prodigy. Yet, it was refreshing to be anonymous once more. Chuckling slightly, Kohaku brought his gaze from the window to instead look back at her.*

Kohaku: you’ve caught me, I am a medical shinobi…well, a shinobi in training. Anyway, I mentioned my clinic, I think…if ever you need anything or know someone who does its not too far from the outskirts of Lincere, pretty close from here actually.

*Miku turned around and leaned toward Kohaku, planting her hands on her desk.*

Miku: I thought so… I took it up because it's usually a feminine task, but for personal reasons as well. I try to use it as an icebreaker, I guess… the chakra emitting from your core and hands is different.

*She smiled slightly as Kohaku continued to look onwards with his kind gaze. Contemplating her last statement, the chakra to his hands and his core seemed different? Such an odd thing to remark, not just anyone could sense such a thing.*

Kohaku: a good icebreaker is always useful, then again, so is a chakra sensor.

*After choosing a seat, she crossed her legs and propped an elbow on her desk.*

Miku: a clinic you say? You must be good.

*Leaning forwards slightly, Kohaku just shook his head humbly at that last comment as a sheepish grin appeared upon his face.*

Kohaku: I wouldn't say good... *shrugs* I've always been a medic, even when I was little. Just came by naturally…but, I decided to become a shinobi along with it.

Miku: *smiling* I can maybe relate a little, I became interested in medicinal chakra for reasons past my gender's norm. It's not really a pride thing. I guess I share my father's flare.

Kohaku: I wouldn't think of it as a gender exclusive thing…I like to think that the medicinal arts requires a type of character…it’s easy to inflict wounds, yet there something more gratifying to devoting oneself to mending them.

Miku: *pauses* That’s a nice way to think about it.

*Nodding his head, Kohaku sat back in his chair.*

Kohaku: thanks, but alas, I'm more of a medic than I am a shinobi, so don't mind me too much… I'm bound to get in trouble over that sooner or later

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Shi watched Miku as she slowly disappeared along the trail. He let out a deep breath. “It’s that time already.” He pulled on a cloak and made his way outside. The air was fresh and had radiance to it. However, Shi could not shine the light on the darker parts of his mind.

Watch out!” Her echo still rattled in his skull. Shi clenched his fists and continued to stride. The trees around him rattled. Across the way, he could see once scorched remains rebuilt and still no sight of his beloved. “It won’t happen again.”

As he drew the hood of his cloak, Shi took to the trees. It’s been awhile since I’ve done this. He kept his momentum forward and leapt with each landing. His body reacting and his mind still, it was as if he meshed into the forest. They were just trees.

“Ah, the city of Lincere,” Shi said. “Nice place for these kids to go. Maybe we can learn something…exotic.” He inched through an alleyway, heading for the main roads. As he stepped forth, he removed his hood and blended with the crowd. Shi found himself in the market place and calmly walked among the merchants.

“You sir! Would you like to buy some meat today? Fresh beef.”
“No thanks.” Shi kindly waved.
“Fresh fruit, picked today!” Another merchant called out.
“Yes, I’ll take a few ounces…” A random customer said as they order various goods.
It was nice to be able to feel like a stranger in an ordinary place. “Hello sir, can I interest you in some tea?”
“No, that’s alright…well maybe.”
“It’s on me.”
“Then yes.” Shi smiled and reached out to shake the man’s hand. “Who do I owe this kindness to?”
The man reached out and shook Shi’s hand. “Samir.”
“Shi.” He stepped into the tea shop with the man. “Thank you for the kindness Samir-san.”
“Okay you can drop the formalities now. It’s Samir, Takun Samir.”
“Oh, alright.”
“Any tea good for you?”
“Anything with mint?”
Samir walked over to a bar and started to prepare a kettle. “You’re pretty good at this gig.”
Shi noticed an object in his hand. It was a crumpled piece of paper that had “come in” scribbled on it.” “I guess I’m psychic…”
“So, how do you usually do this?”
“You don’t know how to make tea?”
“What? No—These contracts. How do they go?”
“Contract for what?”
“The assassination contract.”
Shi looked at the man and raised his brow. “I’m sorry friend, but I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else.”
The man’s face grew long. Samir looked around the room. “Uhm, yes. I guess I have…You know, I think I had a little too much coffee this morning. Just ignore that. Practical joke, heh heh heh.”
“I’m sorry, but I have no choice.”
“Shit.” Samir began to reach for one of the drawers.
“I don’t kill women or children.”
Samir froze. He then cracked a smile. “You son of a bitch.”
Shi smiled. “You caught me.” The two men shared a laugh. “We spoke last night.”
“Last night, yes. You approached me as I closed shop.”
“I hear you’re a man who knows many things. For one, this tea shop seems more like a library than anything. Shelves filled all around.”
Samir smiled. “It’s good to know many things. A lot of it is useless but there are a few gems.” He chuckled to himself. The tea kettle began to whistle and he retrieved it from the burner. As he poured two mugs and dunked the teabags, he sat down near Shi and placed a platter with the mugs, sugar and spices with the teas. “So what is this contract, anyways?”
“Well first off, it’s not a contract. I’m an assassin but there’s no one you need me to kill, correct?”
“No, that’s quite alright,” Samir said. “Then, what is it?”
“I see it as paying for an exchange of knowledge, while dealing wits over some tea.” Shi placed a few coins onto the table.
“Well I believe we’re in business friend. What knowledge are you seeking?”
Shi grabbed his mug and lifted it from the platter. “What do you know about the Lumen clan?”

22Shinobi Rp Empty Re: Shinobi Rp on Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:32 pm


Things seemed to be going quite well for Kenji these days. Coming up along one of the many trails that led into the city of Lincere, he was quite looking forward to his visit to the city again. After a few weeks of travel to visit the forests to the south and some of the clans residing there, despite his love of travel, every good thing had to come to an end. Right now, he was needed back at the Academy to teach his students, including the new ones.

Whistling as he walked, Kenji made his way along the dirt path, idly grasping the leather strap of the pack jostling around on his back. Glancing up, he took a deep inhale, savoring the scents of the terrain around him as he got close to the city, his sunburn aching uncomfortably. Tomorrow was going to be a good day, he could feel it...but then again, he always looked at the good side of everything.

Though the night was quiet, save for the chirping of crickets and the aching of the trees, Kenji didn't feel alarmed, but he did make sure to keep his eyes and ears open. One could never tell when highwaymen would strike unexpectedly, even though most of them tended to be really bad fighters.

Hearing a snap, Kenji froze in his tracks, instinctively reaching for the dagger that was always strapped to his waist, his fingers brushing the ivory handle. Murmuring filled the air, and a pair of figures, along with the familiar footfalls, and Kenji saw a man and a young child appear out of the darkness. Relaxing, he retracted his hand and made a small smile as he overheard their conversation.

"Up ahead is the city of Lincere," the man said, "That is where you will be attending the Academy."
"Really? It looks so...big," the child said.
"Yes. You will go on to learn to be a shinobi one day," the man added.
"I want to be an assassin!" the kid piped up suddenly.

Listening to their talking as they approached, Kenji gave a humorous grin. New kids at the Academy were always the best, and so fun to listen to with all of their enthusiasm. Continuing on ahead of them, Kenji moved his walking stick with his movements, making his way into the night into Lincere.


The next morning, awaking to what seemed to be an unusually bright morning, the sun streaming through the windows as he squinted, shifting his weight as he sat up in bed. With a groan, Kenji slid out of the warm covers and got ready for the day, making sure to shave, and slipped downstairs. The sweet smell of baking bread met his nose, and hearing his stomach growl, he winced as he walked through the doorway into the lobby. So far, the hotel he'd stayed in for the night was turning out to be just as good as he expected.

"Good morning!" a cheery old woman greeted.
"Hey, Grams," Kenji replied, "That sure smells like some really good stuff."
"Oh, it's just my specialty," Grams said with a chuckle, "Feel free to help yourself."
"Yeah, sure...hey, thanks for giving me a free room last night. I appreciate it."
"It's no problem, dear. You need your rest after a big trip like that," Grams said sweetly, bustling off to tend to the food.

Making his way over to a deserted table in the small dining room, Kenji made himself comfortable, resting for a bit by himself in the chair before getting up to go get something. In the end, he piled himself a huge plate of food, definitely what looked like to be a lot more than the plate could handle, and managed to scarf in all down in a matter of fifteen minutes. When he was done, brushing the crumbs off his lap, Kenji made sure to clean up meticulously after himself, giving a thin smile when Grams came back in and nodded to him, shuffling over to bus another empty table.

Getting up, Kenji pushed his chair in and headed out, his walking boots creaking against the wooden floor as he stepped on the planks, closing the front door behind him as he moved onto the verandah. Creaking, the sign in front swung as the string breeze picked up, denoting that it was a bead and breakfast place, and one of the best ones in Lincere, to be sure, since Grams ran it. Already he could feel the odd sensation in his legs, almost akin to an itching he couldn't scratch, and his right knee twitched as he shifted his weight, then moved forward. Luckily he managed to pack his stomach full, because he was going to spend some time out and about today in the city, not only savoring the nice, sunny weather but the sights, sounds, and smells of the city.

"To the marketplace," Kenji muttered to himself as he walked, his eyelids dropping as he felt the leftovers of morning laziness seep into his system. Better get some caffeine, though he preferred it to be as natural as possible, something his parents had stressed to him as a child as 'healthy'. "Better go get some tea."

Making his way to the marketplace, Kenji walked as stand owners shouted at him and the many other customers from both sides, trying to woo them to buy their products. Some were artisans, selling their craft for a living, and passing by one such booth, he briefly admired some beautiful, glass wind chimes, tinkling in the slight breeze. Others, like his mother, sold "traditional medicines", while others still sold normal and exotic foods, from fully feather chickens hanging by their feet, to fried crickets in steaming vats. Inhaling, a multitude of scents, mostly of cooking food, filled his nose, and had he not just stuffed himself, he would get what looked like roast, sweet looking ham and pay for a huge plate.

Navigating his way through the crowd, Kenji soon arrived at the tea stand, one run by a fellow who had once introduced himself as Takun Samir. He'd bought tea from the fellow a few times and it happened to be some pretty good stuff, so Kenji hoped to buy some more. However, as he approached, Samir seemed to be talking to someone else, another man who looked vaguely familiar, but whom Kenji couldn't quite seem to place in his mind. He waved to Samir.

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*In the early hours of the morning the red dawn shown between the tall buildings. These pillars of stone and steel were nothing more than the representation of man’s desire; this city reflected the old idea that man’s reach always tried to grasp what it desired, however, most actions were always in vane. As if mankind was born with a hole in its heart, though it ceaselessly attempts to fill the void, nothing will ever do so; no amount of money, power, tranquility…nothing will ever satisfy a raging ambition. Then again, a worthy ambition is not easily met nor should it be. Only death had the power to halt ambition’s path, yet, that was not an appropriate remedy.

Walking amongst the commoners bustling about their business, Shen observed each passerby with a listless sense of interest. Due to his absence in court for the past year and a half, his face had almost been forgotten; especially, since it was during this absence that he had undergone his drastic change in appearance. Then again, the commoners of the realm hardly knew the faces of their royalty; the commoners were like pawns, blindly stuck upon the front lines.

Though he wore eye-catching garbs, he could walk around without any more suspicion than any other noble. His birthright was to be put on a high shelf and to the current world he would merely be Shen Yu— a knight placed upon fate’s chessboard, challenging the entire field to claim the title of king.

As pawns they were preoccupied within their own endeavors, most were incapable of considering things on a grander scale due to their obligations. Yet, that was their place. Those stones at the base of the mountain do not serve themselves justice to concern themselves with those that exist towards the heavens. It is the responsibility of those at the top to tend to worldly affairs.

However, those upon the top were as conceited if not more so than any of the normal realm. Much like ancient demons, cloaking themselves in fine garbs, as they existed above the cloud line. To those below, the heavens looked as if they were a magnificent floating world full of elegance and refinement. Little knew that beneath the luxurious exterior most were more corrupted and rotten than the disease raging within his core.

The nobility and the government paraded around like animals wearing the flesh of humans, each identified by a different creature to reflect their darker natures. This dragon preferred the common man, though just as fallible as the previous; they were at times more genuine. The every day man slaved away in order to gain anything…a life marked by strife. Such a thing was more admirable and noble than the pompous rights of inheritance most of the court exploited. Those born to the glorious felt it their given right to flaunt and survive off the accomplishments of their elders; never seeking to earn their own praise for themselves.

Ambition and strife were the keys to redeem his offended honor. Here amongst the stone base he would once again rise...

Shifting his arms slightly within their merged sleeves, he adjusted his hidden weaponry. Arriving at his destination just as the morning bell began to chime through the grounds thus urging students to make their way to their classrooms. Making his way to the classroom amongst the corridors, Shen continued on his path with his determined icy eyes cast forwards yet his mind continued to contemplate and scheme.

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Yesterday: Nighttime (2:00am)

A young child listlessly opens his eyes after a falling asleep in his parent’s car. From the backseat, he could make out the very large moon that loomed over the city streets tonight… His parents were joyfully bickering about events early in the evening. His attention span was too short to follow.

He turned to look out of the window; the road was dark, devoid of street lights. However, he could hear the nearby zooming of cars on the highway. He was just about to turn away when a bright light zipped past the window! The toddler pressed his face against the window to see it, but it was already gone…

“Mommy, mommy – did you see that?!” asked the child excitedly.

“See what honey?” the mom replied, cutting off her husband midsentence.


The child couldn’t reply; he had no idea what he saw – and his imagination was already swimming with vivid ideas…

The light slipped onto the highway; it zoomed around the speeding cars at and under the bellies of large tractor trailers. A young Caleb Mugarra was this light; his luminance only possible from the excess chakra that leaked from his skates – done intentionally of course. He glided down the highway with phenomenal speed… the cars around him seemingly standing still. As he found himself darting past a speed limit sign, he smirked. He was now going 302 mph on a 60 mph roadway…


He had looped around Lincere many times tonight, but it was the only way he could cope with insomnia… Ever thinking, sleep continuously escaped him. His eyes filled to the brim with calculations, and longing for someone to talk to so late at night.


Current Day: Morning (Inside the Mugarra Convenience Store.)

“Will that be all?” Caleb asked politely, as he closed the cash register with another chime.

“Oh yes. Thank you very much, good sir,” the customer responded with a smile; tipping his hat, he strolled out of the door.

Caleb looked on as the customer left, his polite smile vanishing in a flash. Pointless… All of it… He looked around the shop, and felt a need to just run away. He was wasting his life here.

“How are things?” asked a voice behind him.

Caleb turned with a start to see his father smiling as he polished a few glasses. He was just returning from the backroom with a few new products.

“Fine. I guess…” Caleb retorted.

“Don’t you have a class to get to?” his father asked, placing the glass on a nearby shelf.

Caleb hesitated, but soon answered: “Yeah, but I can put in a few more minutes before heading off.”

“Sounds like a plan. Just don’t be late for my sake!” laughed his dad, as he slapped his big brood hands against Caleb’s back.

Caleb grimaced. ‘I happen to be going to school for your sake…’ he thought. He looked down, suppressing an urge to lash out…

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*collab post*

Kenji waved to Samir. The man Samir was with looked vaguely familiar, but Kenji couldn't recognize the other man. However, approaching the two, he managed to hear the other man ask about the Lumen Clan. This perked Kenji's interest, and he leaned forward. "So...what are you guys talking about? The Lumen Clan?" Kenji said, "Sorry to eavesdrop. I'm just a curious stranger, that's all."

Shi looked over at Kenji and then at Samir. "Ah, Kenji. Please, have a seat at the bar. I will be right with you...We'll have to finish our discussion some other time."

"No, I think you've given me enough." Shi placed a bag on the table. "I'll have a round also." He walked up to the bar and took a seat at the far end adjacent to Kenji.

*Kenji nodded. "Sure thing, Samir." He was definitely curious now, but he wasn't one to stick his nose into other people's business. Clearly whatever the two had been talking about was not for him to hear...yet, anyways. He'd see if he could weasel the details out of Samir one way or another. Taking a seat at the bar, Kenji places his elbows up on the table top, fiddling with his thumbs.

From the corner of his eye, he watched the shinobi seated at the far end. He didn't look at him directly, but his peripheral vision proved good enough. He seemed very familiar but still Kenji couldn't remember who he reminded him of..."Excuse me, there," Kenji said to the other man, trying to start some small talk, "You're a fan of Samir's tea too, huh?"

Shi raised his brow but did not turn. "Best in town, right?" He hoped Samir would play along.

Samir smiled. "Best damn tea. Spread the word."

"Already do."

“It sure is," Kenji agreed, but still, this other man's appearance was starting to get to him. Couldn't be any harm in asking...then Kenji remembered. He'd seen this guy around the Academy, teaching some of the other students. "Aren't you a Sensei at the Academy? I think I've seen you around."

This man had Shi’s attention. He placed his hands on the bar and sent out a tiny vibration. It returned to him, the chakra from this man didn’t seem too disturbing or unstable. It was soft and curious. “Actually…” Shi quickly looked the man over. There was no sign of his status. “Yes, I am. I have been on a few missions with the others but this is my first time doing any real teaching. Have we met?”

"No, I don't think so," Kenji replied, "But I'm a sensei at the Academy, too. The name's Marasu Kenji. But you can just call me Kenji." Pausing, he paused to look at the other man's appearance, noting that he was obviously a shinobi. "I probably don't look it," Kenji added, "But I've just gotten back from a three week trip on the road. It's good for the soul."
Another pause, and Kenji shifted himself so he was properly facing the stranger a bit more. He expected that the other man would introduce himself, but if he didn't, Kenji would find out his identity sooner or later.

“Is that right?” Shi said. “Personally, I like to go into the mountains and get away.” He turned to the man and extended his hand. “Ah, well sensei. My name is Shi. What is it that you’ve brought to the table today?

Samir placed two mugs on the bar. “Help yourselves to the honey and sugar; it’s just behind the counter.” He left the two alone for a bit.

Shi grabbed the honey and poured some into his mug, then some sugar. “This sweet tooth is going to put me in a coma, one day.”

"I've heard there's a clan that lives in the mountains. The Kokuei Clan. Rumor has it their shinobi can manipulate shadow chakra. I hear they're not very fond of outsiders, though..." Kenji commented, "Anyways...nice to meet you, Shi." Kenji took the hand's hand in his own and shook it firmly before letting it go. When Samir set down the two mugs, Kenji didn't hesitate.

He grabbed the one closest to him, lifted it to his mouth, and blew up it. It was still to hot yet, and better to let it cool down first. He saw Shi grab some honey for his tea, while Kenji picked up some sugar. He dumped at least two packets' worth into his tea, stirring it a bit. He laughed lightly when Shi spoke. "I know what you mean. I could eat all the candy in the world..."

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