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Community collab comic

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Doctor Diabolical

Doctor Diabolical
Chatbox is up, we've got a relatively high amount of members visiting as of late, and Corebalt and I want to start something to keep the community strong. I'm talking about the big collaborative comic people (or at least Corebalt and I) have been quietly buzzing about from Sammich's assembly.

Plans? That's up to all of us. So far, Corebalt and I have theorized that a full-page (as opposed to strip) and hand-drawn (as opposed to sprite-utilizing) format would be the best to portray a good amount of action, a serious-themed plot with some comic elements would be something most of us wouldn't mind contributing to, and fan-characters/former roleplay characters retooled for a new setting would do well for allowing originality whilst still providing familiar characterization to fall back on... however, that's all up for debate if someone thinks there is a better way.

In this thread, it'd be great to hear ideas for plot starters, genre, and other story elements from whoever is around and wishes to lend a hand (be it with art, script, or otherwise). Once a number of people come to a consensus on what the comic should include, the contributors can begin working on a storyline/script, then the comic itself. If it turns out well, other members can throw their ideas into the hat until we have something big that the community can share.

After a long stretch of procrastination, construction begins here. No matter how small an idea, I'd like to ask whoever's interested to speak up.

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Post on Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:31 pm by Corebalt

Just to keep this topic fresh and lively...

(...and I turned into into a News Flash for a bit more renown)

So yeah. This "collab" comic has been mentioned so many times now, I'd feel bad if I didn't give it the time of day now. We can use all of the support any forum members can offer - even if you're unsure of what you CAN offer at the moment.

Just signing on to help in anyway is enough for now, and then we can flesh out what's needed; how the comic will be produced; and what it will encompass.

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