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1Inserts new RP name Empty Inserts new RP name on Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:13 pm


Types about RP, which will be based on Dragon Ball Z IN A DIFFERENT DIMENSION!!, where the dragonballs NO LONGER exist on earth, only on planets Namekian Guardians have migrated to like i dunno a Mass Effect planet like Illium or some where far away from earth, Planet Vegeta was destroyed but 40% of the population heeded Bardocks warning about Freeza and moved and Migrated off world, some in there hundreds other in there thousands. The Devil has 4 sons (in order of age youngest first - Hades, Pluto, Trigor and Lucien) and earth has Tech which makes Robo-Cop and Halo look like Sperm cells.Also to get a dragonball you must go through a test set by Namekian Guardians which range from Hunting a rare flower..and the chances of finding it are 1 - 100000000000 -_- to defeating the guardian who goes Slug or Cooler on you

so yeh anymore ideas
(if posted in the wrong place please move

Side note - BTW you cannot be a son of Trigor, Lucien or the Devil those spots are taken, also im using parts of a forum im on which is about DBZ, and please do not spam us with Sayains...also Halfbreed will Occur, Like Half Saiyan/Demon, Half human/demon, Half Namekian/Android etc etc (OFF LIMIT Race HALF angel/Demon) also weird mixs like half Saiyan/Namkian if you science guys know how to make one

Races; Human, Saiyan, Demon, Namekian, Android, Tuffle, Changeling, Angel, Daemon, Kai

Transformations; in reason, you cant become super saiyan if your a 10 year old who has never had a fight and whose mum and dad are human, or has never had a vegeta moment, and pleaseno one say you are born a legendary super saiyan UNLESS YOU HAVE A COOL BACKSTORY FOR IT!!

THERE will be Death in this RP but it doesn't have to mean its the end of that RP Char need to think about it

2Inserts new RP name Empty Re: Inserts new RP name on Thu Sep 08, 2011 7:54 pm


PRPG RPs are decided on monthly through a pole - the current is "Shinobi RP."

Please keep RP ideas/sign-ups for other RPs in the regular RP section.

k thx bye.

Moved to: Sign-Up Thread

3Inserts new RP name Empty Re: Inserts new RP name on Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:44 pm


well if someone had, told me i wouldnt have type such a long winded explanation ¬.¬, in other words sorry..also i wanna join teh Shinobi ArrPeee Twisted Evil

4Inserts new RP name Empty Re: Inserts new RP name on Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:03 pm


I'm sorry, registration for the Shinobi Rp is already closed, the invited users
have already answered to their invites. All that awaits now is a final roster.

5Inserts new RP name Empty Re: Inserts new RP name on Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:17 pm


kills Inari for telling him so late...then pauses

What about just one late addition pretty please with A big cherry on top...ill even give you a black rose *gives Inari*

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