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Independent Story Rules

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General Rules of the RP

  • There will be no god-modding: You can not always dodge the hits of your target; you CAN be hit or get injured; and you're certainly not, and never will be, invincible. If the GMs notice any form of godlike abilities - your character will meet an early death.

  • Bunnying is prohibited. Bunnying is when you control another character's actions and/or make them act out of character. GMs reserve the right to bunny for particular NPCs - if the post/topic warrants such actions. However, it is generally frowned upon.

  • No excessive cursing. An occasional "damn" here or "hell" there is fine, but the dropping of f-bombs and sailor talk will not produce smiles from your readers (Especially the GMs). I get that some characters may be hardened, and they can careless about society's many social constructs involving language - but this is a forum. Watch your mouth/fingers.

  • Please, for the love of God, NO ROMANCE! This is an RP, not a romance novel or soft porn. I mean, if you want some light hugging and kissing - but please leave everything else simply: "implied."

  • Super simple: Be respectful to everyone else in the RP. Don't berate someone else's characters and/or posts. Such actions only make YOU look bad to the GMs.

  • Try to keep OOC (Out of Character) stuff to a minimum. If you need to discuss something with the GMs and it'll take more than a sentence or two, please take it to PM or somewhere else. All of the GMs will have some type of messenger.

I believe that's it for now. Basically, this is like any other RP, except for a few key differences. That being the case, most rules that apply to regular RPs will apply to this one, even if they're not posted here. If you have questions about something, feel free to ask me, and I'll clarify anything you need explained.

Posting Rules of the RP

It's a given that you will be posting multiple times in a row. I'd like to ask you though to keep this particular forum organized. Please try to follow this example when making topics for your characters:

__a__ RP: Individual RP: ___b___

In this example, "a" is the name of the current RPG; while "b" is the name of the particular character you're role playing. A full example:

Shinobi RP: Individual RP: Lizbeth Bayonette

Why is it structured like this? Because the RPG will cycle through ideas every now and then (especially when one RP dies). This format will keep the area organized - so that way I know which topics to lock and archive after a particular RPG is done.

Well... enjoy : T

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