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Victorian Gothic RP

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1 Victorian Gothic RP on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:23 pm

Well, since it is the day today, let us get started, lets keep the setting in or around London England so everyone isn't scattered all over the world Razz
A young blonde child stood before the corpses of his parents outside of his home. Completely hollow from tears and vomiting he turned before the killer of his family. The vampiric being turned back at him.

????: It’s a cruel world isn’t it, child? It is a maelstrom of hatred and apathy that divides all life on this earth.
The child emotionlessly stares back at her.

????: And fate has a sadistic way of pulling the most innocent into said maelstrom.
After that, the child snapped out of his dream and finds himself in a chariot.

Ada: Got up at just the right time, kid.

Julius: We’re back at Venice.

The boy recollected where he was. He and his two companions are hunters. They are a group of humans who specialize in combating the creatures of the night. He just finished his second official mission. Now they were on their way back to their home city of Venice, Italy. After receiving their pay from the Venice Hunter HQ, they prepare to disperse.

Ada: Here’s your cut you two.

Julius: Well I’ll see you two later.

Raphael: Ok, see you two later.

Ada: Oh and Raph, thanks for saving him.

Raphael: No prob.

Julius gives a subtle smile and walks off.
Raphael heads his own direction to spend his pay but is halted when he hears a familiar voice. A paper boy close to Raphael’s age runs to him.

Calvin: Hey Raph! I got a letter for you!

Raphael: Hm? Another mission briefing?

Calvin: No, it’s from your uncle.

Raphael: Uncle?

Calvin hands Raph the letter and the young blonde hunter reads it.
Dear Raffaele Esposito,
Sorry it took so long to reach you after what happened to your parents, but at least your friend Edwin did so well in taking you in. It took me by surprise when I found out you became a hunter. Like father, like son I guess. Ephraim was quite the hunter himself, all around Europe heard of his heroism. Hehe, as expected of my little brother. I know you must have a lot going on over there in Italy, but I was wondering if you would take a few days and visit my in London, England. I too am a hunter and would like to bond with my nephew for a while. You’d enjoy it here. This letter came with some money to help you reach here. Hope you can make it, Raffaele. Your’s truly, Armand Esposito.

Raphael: Wow, haven’t seen Uncle Armand since I was a toddler.

Calvin: You gonna go?

Raphael: I think I will. Would be nice catching up to family.

Calvin: Coolio!

Raphael: I will be taking the money he sent me now.

Calvin: Oh sure, yes.
The next evening Raphael prepares for his ride to London. His fellow hunters say their goodbyes.

Raphael: I’ll see you all later.

Edwin: You get back here asap, Raph!

Raphael: Okay Edwin! See ya!

Raphael hops on the chariot and the driver signals the horses the go.

Driver: Next stop, London, England!

Raphael rides off to London.
From the shadows a feminine figure watches the chariot leave.

Empussa: London?! Of all places boy… Geez, got no friends in England, but if I know who I think is in London, he wouldn’t last a night. Well I better go there too, in case I need to bail the boy out…

Wings sprout out of the woman and the vampiress takes flight and discreetly follows the chariot.

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2 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:15 pm

Graham Narrating "I have always been amazed by science and technology. Steam is a powerful too, and not many people realize it's potential. I, however, have been mastering steam machinery and have been able to make some of the finest weapons this century. To test my weapons, I have become a hunter to see that my inventions benefit mankind by protecting it."

Graham steps out of a horse drawn carraige holding a large suitcase. The man commanding the horses tips his hat as he goes off into the road they came from.

Graham "So this is London. The city usually isn't my kind of place, but the resources I need for my machinery is much easier to get here."

He walks to a lone black and ominous looking building that looks run down and destroyed. Opening the door with a key, he enters and sees the inside is brilliantly furnished and lit with electric lightbulbs.

"This should keep my work private. Folks are afraid my place is haunted, but there isn't enough for hunters to want to waste their time on investigating."

Opening his briefcase, Graham pulls out a large rifle that has three barrels and strange steam pipes on it, a large metal gauntlet-like glove with pistons on it, and several schematics for new inventions. After putting his clothing and tools away, he steps out into the streets of London.

Woman "Excuse me, are you Graham Thade? This message is from the Hunter's Guild."

Graham takes the letter from the woman and she leaves.

Letter "Dear Graham Thade,

We are interested in your machinery and technology, and warmly welcome you to the Hunter's Guild. We meet later today in the town square at four o'clock sharp. If you can attend, we would be honored to meet you in person."

Graham "Well, looks like someone told somebody I'm coming here. Oh well, might as well."

Graham walks to the town square and looks around, his three barrel rifle on his back.

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3 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:02 am

Lucas was sitting in a Hunter Chariot with Lily, coming back from a mission. Despite of his heavy armory in close combat, he had gotten a burn on his left upper arm, wich Lily was treating with different sorts of herb creams.

Lucas: Ow! That burns!
Lily: And getting yourself hurt like this didn't?

Lucas looked away, pissed off and grumbled: Bloody withces.

Lily: Well it's your fault not focusing, I know you could've dodged that or simply absorbed it to some part of that heavy load of silver wich you carry on yourself at all times.
Lucas: I would've focused if you wouldn't have gotten yourself in trouble.
Lily: Oh, haha, me? Trouble? I was doing just fine with the one that targeted me.
Lucas: Yeah, well, your's didn't throw giant fireballs at you. Ruined my coat, too.
Lily: Oh c'mon now. It can't be that big of a deal?
Lucas: Well you bloody make me a new one if it ain't as big of a deal. It's hard work I tell you.
Lily: Haha, couldn't you just leave your coats in the chariot or something while we are on missions?
Lucas: Uuuuuuuuuhhh no? Image, woman, image. It must never be lost.

After a while more of chariot riding, the two of them finally reached the Hunters HQ. The two of them stepped in, Lucas kicking the door open.


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4 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:06 pm

The Chariot arrives at its destination, leaving an exhausted young hunter as it sets off once more.

Raphael: Ugh, that was the longest trip I ever took... but here I am, London!

A husky man who appeared to be in his fifties with greying blonde hair approached him. He wore a Victorian noble's garb and seemed to be quite wealthy.

Armand: Raffaele! So good to see you after all these years!

Raphael: Uncle Armand!

Armand: How have you been my boy?!

Raphael: I been awesome! Being a hunter in Venice is so fun! I fought a vampire, a redcap, and a werewolf!

Armand: Oh my, you haven't seen anything yet boy! Anyways, there is something I wanted to ask you.

Armand's smiley face turned serious.

Armand: How have you been holding up, since... over a year ago?

The young blonde hunter frowned and looked at the ground.

Raphael: I dread sleeping... there was never a night where I didn't silently weep as I dreamed. Every time I shut my eyes, I see that woman emotionlessly looking at me as I stood next to my parent's corpses.

Armand: Well maybe your time out of Italy will keep your mind off it. Let me take you to the Hunters of London HQ.

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5 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:29 pm

Walking to the town square a bit later than 4 o'clock, Graham sees a group of people who look like hunters enter a large building that has a sword inside a demonnic skull.

"Either this is the hunter's headquarters or they're selling some top notch kick arse blades."

Entering the HQ, hunters are gathered around round tables and sitting down, some of them showing off weaponry and strange magical objects while others are drinking alcohol. Graham simply sits at a lone table and props his three barrel rifle on it. He looks around and sees Raphael.

{To self} "Damn, hunters sure are getting younger every day, aren't they? Oh well, I'm pretty sure he's capable."

While sitting down at the table, Graham pulls out a metal gauntlet for his right hand and removes a screwdriver fron the inside of his trench coat and starts fastening the screws and oiling the pistons.

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6 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:15 am

Just then Atriarch walks up to Graham(tattered hat and leather armor are off), and asks "Is there anything I can get for you?" while holding a note pad and a pen. He is the waiter there.

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7 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:23 am

Lucas, stuffing food into his mouth faster than one might even think is possible, muttered to Lily who was sitting opposite to him, eating in the most peaceful manner. His coat, of wich's left sleeve had a burned hole on it, was placed neatly on the back of his chair, and he had taken off his forearm-guards/blades/gloves and places them on the table with the 4 silver knives hidden in them. He was eating smashes potatoes with meatballs in sauce, alongiside some roast beef and a bun on the side (seriously, how does one eat so much?) while Lily was enjoying, althought a much smaller portion, smashed potatoes with meatballs in sauce, and a salad.

Lucas: You know, I've been thinking about getting new forearm blades. Do you know any good blacksmith sorta people that could make some? 'Cause, I mean, you know, the blades face myself, they're, you know, on the side with the major veins, and that's not really the handiest of things... I'd like to have the blade flipped a little too, you know, so that the blade isn't aligned with my fingers. They would be much more noticeable, but much more handy in combat, I think.
Lily: No, unfortunately I do not think I know any of such. I hear they invited this one scientist to the quild though, I suppose he may know how to make ones for you. He's well known for his steam based machinery and whatnot.
Lucas: Mmh? Steam based machinery? I see aye. I wonder if he could make chariot rides a little shorter... you know, in the manner of the chariots moving faster.

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8 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:00 pm

As Raphael and Armand both step into HQ where everyone was eating.

Raphael: Wow, a lot of unique people work here in London.

Armand: Indeed my boy, the Hunters of London are some of the finest in all of Europe. It's a good thing too, because second only to Romania, England has the highest amount of fiends creeping in the shadows.

Raphael: Cool!

Armand: There's an open seat.

The nephew and uncle approach the one who saw them enter. They sit on the table across Graham's seat.

Armand: Why hello there, I don't believe I seen you here before. I must say you seem to have some very impressive weapons. I'm Armand Esposito and this is my nephew Raphael from Venice, Italy. Are you visiting here by enough division of hunters?

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9 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:35 pm

Wukong walks into a bar with a dark brown hood on
He steps up to the bartender
Wukong: Give me a beer
Bartender: So, did you finish another task?
Wukong: Yeah, it was pretty easy, the pay was weak though
Bartender: We have a new request, it's ranked pretty high, might be a challenge
Wukong: How's the pay?
Bartender: You'll be able to have 50 beers a day for the next 3 months
Wukong: Hm, sounds interesting. tell me more about this task.
Bartender: Well that's the thing, it's ranked high, has a high pay but all it says is to meet the person in the alleyway behind the bar
Wukong: hmm, I think this should be a little bit of fun
---------------BEHIND THE BAR---------------------------------------
Wukong: oh you must be the man who put up this request
Hooded Man: ......
Wukong: Come on, I don't bite
Hooded Man: Are you human?
Wukong: ME? HUMAN? naw, I'm a rock monkey, only one of my kind
Hooded Man: Good, I have a task for you, please eliminate this man
The Hooded Man handed Wukong a piece of paper
Wukong: hm, I think I've seen this man before, he was fighting with some lesser monsters
Hooded Man: yes, he hunts weak monsters for sport. It's disgusting
Wukong: well, I don't really care as long as I get paid. See you
Wukong calls on his jindouyun and flies off
Hooded Man: I don't know if I can trust this prankster.

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10 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:36 pm

Graham looks up at Atriarch.

"No, I'm quite fine, thank you."

Graham put his gauntlet away and started counting the bullets for his rifle, putting them into some kind of strange small box

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11 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:48 pm

Lucas, sitting in a table with Lily quite close to the table of the others, pointed his finger at Thade, stuffing bread into his mouth.

Lucas: You know, I bet that's the one. We get a whole lot of badass weaponry around here but I must say, that's pretty fancy.

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12 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:59 am

Graham notices Lucas pointing his finger at him and gets up, grabbing his gear and walking over to them.

"Hello, sir and madam. I couldn't help notice you pointed at me. Can I help you?"

He pulled up a seat and put his rifle away so it wouldn't take up the space Lucas was eating on.

"I'm Graham Thade. You can just call me Graham or Thade, I don't have a preference."

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13 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:56 am

Night finally settled as everyone was talking and outside the building, the vampiress Empussa flies out in bat-form from under the chariot and takes her humanoid form right after.

Empussa: Ugh, why can't humans learn to be nocturnal? I mean come on... wait, a minute... I better get a ways away from a hunter's HQ...

Empussa takes off at top speed from the building the chariot was parked by.


The duo wonder why graham hasn't noticed them yet.

Raphael: I don't think he sees us >.>

Armand: Ahem well, it's nice to meet you all an-

Suddenly a messenger barges into the building and creates a scene.


Suddenly everyone jumps from their seats and become attentive.

Armand: What kind of monsters?

Messenger: I don't know, some kind of wolf like beasts!

Raphael: Werewolves?!

Messenger: No, they were not humanoid in any way, they were just giant black wolves!

Armand: Barghests...

Raphael: What?

Armand: Barghest are enormous black goblin-dogs with enormous claws and teeth.

Lucas: How do you kill them?

Armand: From what I heard they are mortal and such mortal wounds will slay them, but my concern is the folklore behind those hellhounds...

Graham: What folklore?

Armand: They say those who even sets eyes on one are given the omen and foretold to die in the near future.

Lucas: Well it would be hard to bring about our deaths if their dismembered here and now!

Armand: Well there's no time to lose! Let's go, Raph!

Raphael: Yes, uncle!

The two run out the door to their targets.

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14 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:47 am

At an undisclosed graveyard, a low rank hunter is running around shooting harmless "monsters"
Wukong walks into the scene
Wukong: are you Andreas?
Hunter: Yeah, that's me, oh yer a monster. That means I have to kill you
Wukong: What do you mean?
Hunter: I'm a hunter, my job is to destroy you monsters. Nothing but filth.
Wukong: Normally I would kill you quickly and claim my award, but I wont let that comment slide.
Hunter: You think you can beat me?
The Hunter pulled out his gun and fired 3 times at Wukong
Wukong dodged two shots but got hit in his left shoulder
Wukong: damn, those aren't regular bullets. I guess I'll have a little bit of fun now
Wukong grabbed a bunch of his hairs and blew them.
As soon as the hair left his hand, each hair took the form of Wukong.
Then the clones charged at the Hunter
The Hunter pulled out a rapier and slashed at the clones, each one turning back into a hair upon the impact of the blade.
Wukong pulled out his staff, and swung it at the Hunter
The Hunter put up a block, but the force of the blow tossed the hunter into a gravestone
The Hunter coughs a bit of blood and pulls out his gun once again and shoots blindly at Wukong
A bullet pierces through Wukong's forehead, then the body began to dissipate and it transformed into a hair.
Wukong was standing behind the hunter.
Wukong: Now I will enjoy destroying you
The Hunter, pulled out a paper and scibbled something on it with shorthand, he whistled and a pigeon came, took the paper and left.
Wukong: I don't know what you just wrote, but your life ends here vil hunter
The Hunter laughs as blood begins to trickle from the side of his mouth
Hunter: You just challenged all the hunters, you won't stand a ghost of a chance.
Wukong: I don't care as long as I get paid
Wukong takes out his staff and crushes the hunter's skull.
Hooded messenger: Sir, the task you have given the stone monkey has been competed
Masked Man: Good, Now that the challenge has been issued, it's time to call together the men, go get the others.
Hooded Messenger: Yes Sir, immediately.
The Hooded Messenger sprouted jet black wings and flew into the distance.
Masked Man: Soon, the humans will be the underdogs.
-------------------------------Hunter HQ ----------------------------------------
Pigeon Controller: Hm, a new message.
The pigeon Controller open the message, then runs into the Higher Ups Chamber
Pigeon Controller: I have some urgent news, a low rank Hunter has claimed that there is a monkey man thing hunting Hunters.
Higher Ups: This is disturbing, We will decide on actions later on (I don't think I'm allowed to decide things for the hunters)
Wukong: Hey, I finished the task, where's my reward.
Masked Man: here it is, when I have another task for you, I will inform you. Don't worry, it will pay way better than this
Wukong licked his lips
Wukong: I can't wait

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15 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:57 am

Atriarch walks out of the kitchen, carrying a large tray. On this Tray is a whole cooked pig with an apple in it's mouth, surrounded by assorted fruits and vegetables laying on top of lettuce pieces. The Aroma was fantastic and smelled a little of mesquite charcoal and honey glaze.
With Lucas nowhere in site he says to himself, "Now where did he go?".

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16 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Fri Jul 30, 2010 6:52 am

Lucas, in a hurry, already getting up, guickly handshakes Thade and says

Lucas: Lucas "Broadroad" Kastner, and this is Lily Nettuno. Uhh, giant wolf thing warning, gotta go, you can take that pig if you want, it's on me. I tell you, it will taste bloody brilliant. See you now!

Lily and Lucas both guickly installed their spring-bladed fore-arm protectors back on their arms and got going, Lily with a crossbow and Lucas with a pair of silver knives in his hands, ready to use them as his first blows against the suddenly appeared enemy.

(Lucas: Why must mosnter wolves always appear at the time of the incredibly delicious main course?!)

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17 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:24 am

Armand and Raphael are the first to make it to the farmlands.

Raphael: Oh God...

The duo see dead cattle and farmhands scattering the fields.

Armand: It may not be too late, but we must stop those beasts.

Raphael: Uncle Armand, I have a confession to make. I never killed anyone or anything before. I couldn't even stand hunting animals as a kid.

Armand: Do what you can to apprehend them. They will only cause more death.

As if on cue they hear the growling of the hell hounds.

Armand: Here they come...

Six Barghests slowly approach them, ready to pounce at any moment.

Raphael: Terrifying...

Armand pulls out a silver plated shotgun that fired silver slugs and Raphael pulls out his crossbow.

Raphael: Will silver work alone?

Armand: Only one way to find out.

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18 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:03 am

Jumping at the notice, Graham quickly threw the metal gauntlet onto his right hand and dashed out the front door of the headquarters, loading one of his boxes into an open slot in his three barrel rifle.

"Finally, a guild that actually focuses on hunting and protecting others than drinking beer while everyone gets killed."

In the farmlands, Graham sees Raphael and Armand confronted by the monsters.

"Dammit, I'm a bit to far away. I'll have to try this out. Please work, modifications!"

Pulling his left arm in front of him and mounting his rifle on it, he pulled up a small metal and glass sight and shot at the beasts, shooting five rounds out of the first barrel before the rifle's barrels turned with a blast of steam onto the next box of ammo. Putting the rifle away as he charged forward, he met up with Raphael and Armand.

"Alright, looks like we're ready."

Graham pulled a latch on top of his glove back and the pistons and springs all cocked backwards, locking into place.

"Got a plan?"

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19 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sat Jul 31, 2010 9:08 am

Lucas: LOL, NO

Lucas shuddenly ran from behing the three, and mid running, hit his elbows together for the spring blades to come out. He then dashed at one of the hellhounds, kicking it


right before the man clumsily tripped forward,

Lucas: Oh shi--

wich, somehow, he turned into a neat little flip. He then took a fighting stance and instantly, the hellhound he had kicked dashed at his very face, but he simply hit it's head from the side, stabbing the forearm blade through its neck, and kicked the hellhound he had just mortally stabbed with his bladed boots. Seeing 4 more slowly coming at him, ready to attack, he hoped the others would attack them while he was distracting them. Lily, who was now beside the three others, quickly shot one of the hellhounds with a silver arrow from her crossbow.

Lily: Neat gadget, Thade! Also, what in the world does "LOL" mean...?

(Lucas: It's at times like these I wish I had two eyes... these things are seriously creepy looking.)

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20 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:50 pm

Armand: We'll split up, Raph you cover that Lucas fellow. I'll lead two astray!

Raphael: Okay!

The beasts scream in pain as the silver charred their flesh. Raphael shot one of the wounded Barghest in the thighs and took the hellhound down.

Raphael: We did it!

Lucas: One of them.

With 2 beasts chasing after Armand, and one of them currently incapacitated, 3 remain against the group. One of the Barghest turn at Lily and charge at her as the other two both gang up on Graham.

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21 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:18 pm

As one of the hellhounds charged at Lily, she guickly shot a silver arrow at it, and then instantly dropped her crossbow and triggered her springblades to counterattack the Barghest by basically making it ram itself against a silver blade coming at it, while Lucas, further away, grabbed two silver knives from his waist and threw them straight at the back of the Barghest coming at Lily.

Lucas: Well then, kiddoe. I got bladed boots, blades for hands, a sword, and 14 more silver knives, I think. No guns, because I think I actually forgot those in the main building... Any plans orrrrr do we just kick their asses without one?

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22 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:29 am

As the two beasts charged at Graham, he pulled out his silver blade with his left hand and the beast on his left lunged, jamming the upper part of it's mouth into the blade unable to steer itself in midair. The other charged even faster, but Graham punched the beast with his strange metal gauntlet, and the pistons and springs shot forward onto the flat metal end on the fist, a very sickening crunch sound going around as the beast flew back several feet with blood coming out of it's mouth. It was lying on it's side ready to be finished.

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23 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:52 am

Wukong is sitting at the bar drinking and having a blast
random drunkard: hey you! You monster
Wukong: What do you want?
Drunkard: Get out of this country, we don't like your kind 'ere
Wukong: I'm sorry, but this bar is fine with who I am, if you're not okay, you can leave
Drunkard: Who do you think you're talking to? I'm human and you're dirt compared to us!
Wukong: I'm sorry, BARTENDER! who let this man in? he's rambling on about monsters being like shtt
Drunkard: Yeah, that's an idea, we can use monsters as slaves.
Bartender: I'm sorry Wukong, we'll clear this out. Guards, take this filth away.
Wukong: so long sucker
Bartender: Oh yeah that hooded man has another request for you
Wukong: really what is it?
Bartender: He says the pay will be twenty times last time's
Wukong grinned
Wukong: Oh really? what's the task this time? take out twenty hunters?
Bartender: Not really, this time you have to observe a bunch of hunters.
Wukong: where are they?
Bartender: My intel tells me that they're currently fighting Barghests, they're pretty far away, use the Cloud
Wukong: no worries, I just have to observe them and evaluate their strength? Seems a bit easy
Bartender: he also said careful not to be noticed and that if you give a detailed enough report, you might get even more reward money
Wukong's eyes flared to life
Wukong: with this, maybe I can save XuanZang (this is not a character of mine, and I will not use it, he is merely used as a plot mover like the deceased hunter, bartender and discriminating drunkard)
Wukong walks behind the bar, summons his cloud and flies off
Masked Man: Hey bartender
Bartender: yeah?
Masked Man: This is going to be his hardest task yet, knowing his over the top nature
Bartender: Yeah, how's the organisation coming along?
Masked Man: we're nearing our final stages of recruiting
Bartender: This is going to be interesting
Masked Man: are you sure you want to remain neutral?
Bartender: I'm just a bartender, who's only power is to make one mean cocktail
Masked Man: Suit yourself, I've got some rallying up to do

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24 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:08 am

Raphael stood in awe as he was amazed by how skilled these hunters were compared to just him and his crossbow. He then recollects himself and looks to see Armand returning with his severed dog heads.

Armand: Nothing like shot-gun dismemberment, hehe...

Raphael: Think we got them all?

Armand: 2 wounded, 4 dead. Just gotta finish off the last 2.

As if on cue, the Barghest Raphael incapacitated recovered, and lunged right at Raph with no hunter close enough to intervene.

Raphael: !

Armand: Raffaele!

Suddenly a dark shadow intercepted the beast and ripped right through the hellhound with immense speed.

Raphael: What was that?!

The shadow then took off instantly.

Armand: I have no idea. But now we have to finish off that last beast, Graham, I believe the honor is yours.

Graham nodded and quickly put an end to the wounded hound.


After the shadow escaped the scene, it took the time to catch its breath.

Empussa: Sigh, I really am tempting fate when dealing with these hunters...


Lucas: Well that takes car of-

Once again on cue, a loud howl is heard as a behemoth of a hell hound jumped into sight. Unlike the other ones this Barghest was much larger and the size of an elephant. This one's fur was completely white and a much thicker pelt to boot.

Armand: The Den mother...


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25 Re: Victorian Gothic RP on Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:13 am

Wukong urged his cloud to fly faster when he heard the howl
Then he arrived and stayed out of sight and watched teh hunters fight against the den mother
he pulled out some food he stole from the bar and began to watch
Wukong grabbed a bunch of his hairs to scout the area to get different angles of the coming fight
he sensed a powerful forced near one of his clones, but then it quickly disappeared

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